How To Try Don’t Pass Craps Bet Online?


Craps is a game which has a unique nature and special features, which makes it a highly preferable game among casino goers. The game can be somewhat difficult for less experienced people. The different varieties of options and bets you will find online are not what a player is used to during the game layout on a casino table. During the game of craps, you can place 2 kinds of bets: don’t pass bet or pass bet. The don’t pass bet is a preferred choice for many people because it has more of an advantage than the other. 

What is a don’t pass craps bet?

A don’t pass bet is a prevalent choice in Craps. Sometimes the players placing this bet are considered the ‘wrong player’ because it looks like they are placing it against the ‘right player’ or the game’s shooter. The players who don’t pass bets are asked to maintain a low profile because their stakes are high in the game. They are in for the big win while the rest are behindhand. Another thing to remember is that the players who place the don’t pass bet do not win instantly; instead, they have gradual wins throughout the game. While many people are skeptical about this process, it is highly reliable. 

Online strategies 

When you talk about betting patterns, statistical correctness Is of utmost importance. While there are many patterns for the pass bet, we have a list of strategies that will help. The patterns mentioned below will not violate the rule and will provide strategic help with the game.

1. Don’t pass combined with don’t come 

This is a more conservative pattern. While don’t pass bet strategies are supposed to be risky, this strategy helps the players be safe while playing the game and ensures a small profit. To implement the strategy, the player must place their don’t pass bet, and once the point is established, they can lay down double odds against the main point. If the number 7 is rolled out before the point is established, the player must lay down a smaller bet, increasing the winning. 

2. Two don’t come bets along with a don’t pass bet

This pattern is a little more aggressive and risky than the first one. It offers the don’t pass bet players a chance to redeem their points. With double odds against 7 and establishing all three don’t numbers, the player would win all bets. It is a fact that the wins generated on the don’t pass pet side are slower and more gradual than on the other side, which happens more quickly. Players should only go for the don’t pass pets if they are experienced and comfortable with those strategies.

3. Two don’t come bets along with a don’t pass bet and a field including a field and lay bet on 10 and 4

This strategy is the riskiest and most aggressive of them all. The pattern begins in the same way as the other 2 started. The player is initially required to place a don’t pass bet, which is then followed by 2 don’t come bets. Player needs to lay double odds on each of them, increasing their chances of winning. The player should place a Field bet of the same amount as the don’t pass bet. After the point number is established, the Field bet should be removed. This limits the frequency in which Field bets are used without violating the game.

Importance of these betting patterns in Craps

The different kinds of betting patterns are very rewarding for Craps players. Although it is a game of chance, some basic rules are to be followed by all the players at all times. 

  • The most important rule is to have a thorough knowledge of the game so that they can understand how and when to place the bets, the house edge, and the associated payouts.
  • The players must always follow the 3% rule because it is very significant and can lead to major losses.
  • Another important rule is that the player should be careful before placing a large sum of money on their bet. Playing smaller bets is always recommended, which gives better opportunities to win.


Unlike the basic card game, where you can read the table and understand your chances of winning, the game of craps in online casinos is very different. You have to play against random numbers and calculate the probability of the dice to understand your status in the game. The strategies mentioned above of don’t pass pets will work for you Whether you play online or offline.

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