Is It Possible to Use Card Counting Strategies in Online Casinos?

Card Counting Strategies

Getting any movement in the game’s house edge is critical to success, especially when talking about online casino games. In a game that looks like you go head-to-head with the house, you have to give yourself a fighting chance. However, the primary way to do that is to play a game according to a strategy, like card counting strategies. Many online payers approach the games with at least a fundamental understanding of counting cards. 

On the other hand, for the newbies, it looks like a daunting task. There are several cards in card games. So, in any game you play in an online casino, you need a good memory to recall sequences. In addition, you also need a working knowledge of probabilities and mathematics. This strategy can work in a land-based casino, but it isn’t easy when playing online card games. This article is specially written to find the answer to Is It Possible to Use Card Counting Strategy in Online Casinos?

What is Card Counting?

It is an online gambling technique that needs tracking of the cards that deal with card games. The ability to track the number of high and low cards left in the deck can move the outcome in your favor when you place a smart bet. Players who successfully use card counting strategies know when to place a perfect bet. It is because they know it could mean more significant wins. However, it is essential to remember that card counting is not the key to winning when playing online card games. It is just a skill that you can learn and hone. 

You may be wondering if this strategy is legal. Although it may feel illegal, there are no laws against it. It is only the case if you are counting the cards in your mind and not using a physical machine or app. It can look like an unfair benefit that online casinos frown upon. While there is no legal restriction, casinos are generally not ok with it. Therefore, they may ask you to leave the game if you are a suspected card counter. When you are playing online, it is a whole other matter.

Can You Use Card Counting Strategies in Online Casinos:

It is undeniable that card counting is possible when playing in online casinos. One thing that you need to keep in mind is that it is more challenging than doing so at your favorite land-based casino. The major reason that Card Counting Strategies playing online is difficult is that the game software automatically shuffles the deck after each hand deal. So this makes it very tough for the players to keep track, but it is possible. One of the most significant benefits of playing online is that you can openly count cards by making notes. Additionally, you can also talk louder without the risk of being scrutinized or being asked to leave the site. Furthermore, playing free online card games is an ideal way to practice and experience the possible difficulties of this strategy.

Steps Include in Counting Cards:

There are many skills involved in card counting. However, starting with the beginning is the best and easiest way to learn. There are some very straightforward steps that you need to keep in mind. They will help you to more about Card Counting Strategies. 

  • Assign a value to every card that deals. However, +1, 0, and -1 are the most common. 
  • Keep track of the values of the card as they deal.
  • Add the card value together to keep a running count of the card. It will help you determine the value of the cards left in the deck.
  • Place your bets according to card count and remain in the deck.
  • If the card count is negative, it increases your bet. In case the card count is positive, then it decreases your bet.

These steps are very straightforward, but they are the base of each Card Counting Strategy. You can even create your strategy to help you on your way. It will also allow you to learn and better understand the card values.


Cards counting is a legal way to get an edge over the casino. Casinos don’t like this strategy, and if any player is suspected of card counting, they ask to leave the house. Fortunately, using card counting strategies in online casinos is relatively easy. You can openly count cards in online casinos by making notes or talking louder. However, casinos are wise about how card counting gets an edge. They are good at thwarting suspected benefit players. It means that you have to be sensible and smart.

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