Is it True that Casino Games are Rigged?

Is it True that Casino Games are Rigged?

If you’re a casino regular, you must have found yourself wondering if casino games are rigged. Even new players who keep hearing things like “Oh, the house always wins!” find the concept of rigging to be a mystery.

Ever since the casinos have become a thriving business, some players have stated that something’s not right. Such people quickly infer that the games are rigged, mostly because they’ve suffered overall losses.

Now, doesn’t it seem silly to get emotional about a loss and blame the game? However, casino games have a design that ensures a favor to the house.

So, if you’re looking for answers to the million-dollar question of whether rigging is common in casino games, read on.

What Are “Rigged Casino Games”?

First, let’s be clear with the definition of “rigged.” If you think that rigged means that the house always wins, we’d say that yes, it’s true. The casino will always profit in the long term because it has a mathematical perk. Further, if you think rigging means that you can never win no matter what, then you’re wrong. Games at a legit casino will never cheat you out of your money. Thus, there’s always a chance that you can win. However, the casino will still make money from other players who’ll lose enough to mask your win. As long as you’re playing at a licensed casino, you can rest assured that you won’t be “cheated.”

Why Does it Appear That The Casino Games Are Rigged?

Most players tend to believe that casinos are rigging games because they notice something odd. However, a closer look reveals that it’s more than that.

Here are some facts about the working of casinos that you need to know to dispel the rigging myth.

Probability: Say you’re at a game of roulette, and you see the number 9 rolling out five times in a row. While most players will identify this as a rigged pattern, it’s not true. Each of the roulette wheel’s spin is an independent event. Hence, there’s no way that a previous spin can decide which number will roll out next. A seemingly unlikely result is only due to the laws of probability and not because the casino is rigging the game.

House Edge: The house edge is one of the essential things that every gambler should know. It is the mathematical advantage of the casino that we mentioned earlier. For instance, the house edge on slot games is generally 4%. It means that if a player wagers, say, INR 100 on slots, the casino makes INR 4.

Percentage Return to Player (RTP): The RTP is the average sum of money that the player gets. For example, the RTP on slot games is usually 96%. So, if a player wagers INR 100 on a slot machine, they get back INR 96. Thus, both the house edge and the RTP are ways to assess the casino’s profit in the game.

Random Number Generators (RNG): Random Number Generators (RNG): Online casinos don’t get a license unless they pass a strict test of their software’s fairness. To ensure fair play, online casinos must use random number generation in their software-based games. RNG is a complex technology that uses many algorithms to produce uniformly random outputs. RNG software decides every roll of the dice, each poker card dealt, and the winning digits on a roulette wheel. Moreover, casinos have to get their software tested by third-party auditors. So, there’s no way the digital casino can rig this system.

Data encryption: What’s the first thing you notice about a digital casino? Its SSL security feature, right? It may be surprising to you that gambling sites can expose your private data like bank credentials without the SSL encoding. Hence, you’ll lose out money even though you could be winning at the games.

BlockChain: We know of BlockChain because of cryptocurrency. But, do you know that casinos use BlockChain for more than transactions? The use of crypto ensures that no one can tamper with gambling outcomes. So, if you’re using an online casino website that doesn’t use this tech, then chances are that you could lose most of the games.

Verdict: Are Casino Games At All Rigged?

We will not outrightly deny that all casino games are entirely clean. There are fraud sites that might have rigged casino games. However, the chances are far less than you may suspect. But remember, the business model of casinos is such that it guarantees long term wins to the house. So, as long as the casino you’re playing with has a proper license, there’s no issue. Besides, all serious casinos take stern measures to deliver fair games to customers. After all, no reputable casino would like to lose customers by cheating them.

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