Is It Worthwhile To Bet On Multiple Sites?

Is It Worthwhile To Bet On Multiple Sites?

In the last decade, sports dating was quite the underground affair. One would have to actively go seek out bookmakers and betting rings to try their luck. Pitching in and collecting bets were also difficult if you did not know the right people. On top of everything, it was mostly not legal. Thankfully, none of those problems pester the bettor of today. Online sportsbooks have done a great job of formalizing betting in general. However, the easy access also comes as a double-edged sword to a newbie in the betting circle. There are so many sports betting platforms and websites that it can get baffling to them. But having an abundance of sportsbooks is actually not a downside. In fact, you can leverage it for your own purposes. In this article, we talk about the upsides of having multiple betting sites – and betting on them concurrently.  

How Different Are Betting Sites From One Another?

Basically, betting sites all have their own separate economy. Now, when you bet on a game where there are clear-cut underdogs and favourites, it is common sense that the odds will reflect that. But other than that common sense stuff, there are many different nuances. We will discuss this at length in the next section. But other than the odds, the big thing to consider is bonuses and promotions. 

The sports betting sector gets more and more busy with numerous new betting platforms opening up every now and then. This makes it a very competitive niche, so sportsbooks have to do all sorts of things to keep their customers coming. They do this primarily through promotional campaigns and bonuses. Basically, they offer you bonuses and extra rewards just for using their services regularly. Sometimes a promo can be good enough to warrant making an account with that platform just for the rewards. Now, the thing is that different sportsbooks will award different bonuses on various games. Let’s say the IPL season rolls around, but the biggest running bonus is not on your current sportsbook of preference. If you have accounts on multiple sites, that naturally widens your net to catch better bonuses. 

The Number One Reason: Line Shopping

As we mentioned in a previous point, sportsbooks have a living breathing economy of their own. Again, they all are out to serve themselves. A sportsbook, much like a casino, wants to win more money than they pay out to the bettors. Usually, they will just work their cut of the profit into the vig of a bet. But the point stands that a similar bet will give you different odds on different sites. The odds are mostly about what the general prediction is. But more importantly, it actually reflects what the handicappers on that specific sportsbook expects the outcomes to be. If you had a clearly disbalanced, the odds will reflect that. But by how much should team A defeat team B? The different sportsbooks will predict different margins on this basis. 

So if you bet on a point spread in that fixture, you will find better expected value from one sportsbook from the other. For the most part, they are very similar if not always the same. A bet that gives you a 3 to 2 odds on one site will give you roughly the same odds on other sites – since it is where the general prediction lies. But there is always the chance that you could get about 20% better value for your bet just by keeping tabs on different websites. 

The act of tracking different sportsbooks for the best possible odds is what we refer to as line shopping. Sportsbooks have no policies going against it, and in fact, they will expect the experienced bettor to line shop. That is why a good sportsbook will try to find a good balance between value to their customer and value for them. Regardless, all you need for line shopping is staking out the same bets on several major sportsbooks before the match. It is relatively simple, and if you get it down to a workflow, it will just become a habit. And it is a great habit to pick up for any sports bettor. Over time, they will probably make you a fortune. Because the 5% and 10% extra value on individual bets add up really fast. 

So should you bet on multiple sites? No, but rather you should keep subscriptions to multiple sites and chip in your money on the best odds for your wagers. The biggest thing is that you can make an account on sportsbooks really easily. It will usually require you to input some financial details on your part, but it is nothing when you look at the potential value of having alternatives on every bet.

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