Is The Growth Of Online Gambling Skyrocketing In 2020-2021?

Is The Growth Of Online Gambling Skyrocketing In 2020-2021?

The online gambling industry has been steadily gaining its footing in the world for the last few years. However, in 2020-2021 it has been reaching new heights. There are a lot of reasons for this. From faster internet connection to accessible applications, advertising, and the latest covid-19 all of these things have impacted this industry tremendously. It has caused the participation of a lot of new players. Which, in turn, resulted in the skyrocketing of the market. Here, we are going to take a look at the key factors that have caused the growth of the online gambling industry to skyrocket in such a short time.

Faster internet

The first thing that needs to be talked about here is a faster internet connection. The reach of the internet has been taking over the world one new region at a time. Not only that, but the introduction of 4G and the latest 5G connection has enabled a lot of new participants to come in contact with online gambling sites. Combine that with third-party advertisements and it is no wonder that the industry is growing so fast.

Accessible applications

Along with faster internet, another thing has come into play as a major factor. That is, of course, the development of accessible applications. This way, instead of searching for different options on different sites players can now get almost everything in one place. These applications are easy to access and even offer real money game options to players. As a fact, the market is gaining popularity like never before.

First time offers

A lot of websites now offer first-time offers with heavy advertising. This not only provides steady website traffic but also results in a lot of committed newcomers. These offers can range from low rollovers, risk-free betting to free bets. Even if you can not keep them, they turn out to be beneficial for beginners. It gives them a feel for the field as they progress into real money gambling. In an industry as competitive as gambling, a lot of websites are getting neck to neck in offering more and more exciting offers. Which of course provided a great impact on the growth of the industry.

Apart from that, a lot of traditional games such as bingo, and online keno are evolving into real money games with attractive themes and features. This has also successfully attracted a lot of fans of these games to try their luck in these mediums as well.

Covid-19 impact

Probably one of the most prominent roles has been played by the unprecedented Covid-19 in the growth of online gambling in 2020-2021. In fact, online gambling is one of the industries to benefit most from the worldwide lockdowns. Right along with subscriptions, online retail, and food delivery services. Following the closure of offline gambling venues, most of the customers have now flocked to online websites to pass their time. The canceling of real-time sports events has also impacted this at great length. Causing a major growth in virtual sports betting. Apart from regular players, the lockdowns have also caused a lot of bored people to turn to online gambling. Not only as a way to pass their time but also to try their luck in gaining some extra cash.

Partnerships with popular sports

Collaborations with offline casinos have been a growing trend for online websites for some years now. In fact, it has become quite a global trend. However, to feed into the frenzy online gambling websites have now started partnerships with popular sports such as cricket and football. This has resulted in attracting a majority of the mass followers of the games to the online betting sites. Thanks to that, the online gambling industry has benefited profoundly in recent years.


2020 and 2021 are currently seeing tremendous growth in the online gambling market. However, reports suggest that it is only going to increase more and more as people get used to the online medium. As going to offline casinos take up a lot of time and planning, chances are that people are going to turn towards online websites more as they are a lot more convenient and can be used from the safety of your home.

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