Is Video Poker Dying?

Video Poker

When video poker first came onto the gambling scene, it became popular pretty quickly. It was not as complicated as poker but still had some strategies that players could follow. Not only slots players but blackjack players were also attracted to this game. That is why it garnered so much popularity in both land and online casinos. But as quickly as it gained popularity, it started losing it just as quickly. There are many reasons behind it. A lot of casinos are replacing video poker machines with slot machines or other table games. The paytables of the game are also not as good as they used to be before. The casinos also offer lower comp rates for this game. These along with a few other reasons are why video poker is dying out. And in this article, we will tell you what happened to this game and its popularity. 

1.  The Lack of Appeal  of Video Poker

Many people in the gambling world gamble just for fun. They are almost always more attracted to slot machines as they are easy to play and extremely entertaining as well. If you stack that against video poker, it doesn’t stand a chance. The game has a strategy and once you learn the strategy properly, it can become quite mechanical. But the game is not even as exciting as other strategic games like blackjack or poker. So not only is it losing to easy games like slots but also to strategic table games. Most people who like to play slots play it because it’s easy and very entertaining. Since Video poker lacks that appeal, it is losing popularity. 

2. Less Video Poker Machines in Casinos 

Slots games have some of the highest house edge percentages out of any casino games. But video poker is different. It is a strategic slot game that players can win by playing their hands correctly. Since it is not as profitable for the casino owners, they offer fewer these game machines for people to play on. Pair that with the lack of entertainment and we get to see why people keep losing interest in the game continuously. 

3. Bad Pay Tables 

Some people still play video poker regularly. These veterans know the rules inside out and they win money regularly as well. They spread the good word about the game to other players. But unfortunately, casinos are offering very bad pay tables for video poker. They also sometimes do this for games like blackjack to increase their profit. However, blackjack is a universally popular game that players love a lot. Video poker is not as universally loved as blackjack. That is why a lot of veteran players are also shying away from this game.

4. Players are Averse to Strategies 

Casinos are mostly filled with two types of players. Those who love strategic games and those who love entertaining games. The second group is very high in numbers. The first group is more attracted to traditional table games like poker and blackjack where they can hone their skills. The second group is attracted to games like craps and slots where they do not have to learn strategy. This unwillingness of learning strategy is leading them to shy away from video poker. 

5. No Progressive Jackpots 

Progressive Jackpots, even though the chances of hitting them are very low, are one of the reasons why slots are so popular. Casinos sell these games on the idea that someone can instantly become a millionaire through these games. And they do not lose much money if someone wins a jackpot anyway. But this greed of players is what keeps them away from video poker. As they are more attracted to the idea of becoming an instant millionaire, how unlikely that may be than slowly playing and winning money through this game.


Unfortunately, a great game like video poker is dying out. If it were a high house edge game-like slots, it won’t face its end so soon. But video poker is ultimately a strategic game. But unlike poker and blackjack, it couldn’t attract millions of hardcore gamblers. And people who play just for fun got bored with it pretty quickly. Both online and offline casinos have played an active role in the dying out of video poker in the last few years. But for people who want to play it, some online and offline casinos offer it. So if you want to try this amazing game, you should do that soon. 

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