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JeetWin, Licensed and Authorized

Gaming Curacao, a leading provider of comprehensive services to the online gaming industry, provides JeetWin the license and authority to operate. Vital to the license acquisition is the character, honesty, and integrity of the company, and gaining the same is a testament to the site’s standing and reputation.

This certification entails that JeetWin follows internationally set standards in casinos and stays true to the company’s goal and intentions, i.e., to provide high quality and entertaining live casino and sports betting services through online and mobile devices.

What is a Gambling License?

A gaming license is a permit issued by a gambling authority to deal, operate, carry on, or conduct any gambling game, gaming device, slot machine, race book or sports pool. It is a certification that assures players that the game provider complies with pertinent laws and regulations set forth by the industry.

Gaming Control Boards (GCB) provides such licenses as they are government agencies charged with authorizing and regulating gambling services and enforcing relevant laws within their jurisdiction.

Why get a gaming license?

A gambling license issued to a gaming provider means the latter is up to par with world-class gaming standards, follows the industry rules and regulations, and seeks to further enhance quality of its services.

A license ensures that the company is transparent with its financial transactions and organizational information including its ownership, partners and other affiliations. They set the strict requirements to deter persons or companies with criminal enterprises or those without enough knowledge in casinos in engaging casino-related business and activities.

Regulated, Secure and Trustworthy

The license and authority certify JeetWin’s trustworthiness and credibility. Its terms and conditions are in line with the rules and regulations set forth by Gaming Curacao and all related laws pertaining to the same.

Strict adherence to the rules is necessary not just by the company but by its patrons. The site ensures that people with tainted gambling backgrounds cannot use its services by banning them from the site. This further guarantees the security, quality and performance of the company.

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