Introducing JeetWin Jeet Privilege Program

JeetWin Jeet Privilege

Jeet Privilege Program

JeetWin offers a VIP program called “Jeet Privilege” in which members enjoy special benefits and rewards as loyal members. The Jeet Privilege Program can be used to exchange loyalty points for cash and to obtain exclusive VIP benefits. It is, therefore, a casino loyalty program offering rewards to players who frequently play JeetWin.

Jeet Privilege Tiers

Jeet Privilege Loyalty Tiers has six levels:

  • Bronze
  • Silver
  • Gold
  • Pearl
  • Ruby
  • Kohinoor

In addition, please notice that the advantages of the Jeet Privilege Program depend on the Jeet Privilege Tier

Jeet Privilege Requirements

Jeet Privilege of JeetWin does not allow its members to register separately in order to participate in their loyalty program. When signing up for a casino account, it automatically registers new players. Thus, one of the instant advantages of entering this program, loyalty points may have been awarded for getting the player started upon depositing. While existing players are automatically part of this program and their current tier will be based on the total loyalty points. Jeet Privilege, therefore, compensated active players with benefits, cash and complimentary gifts under the number of loyalty points accumulate and the level of status they gain.

Jeet Privilege Loyalty Points and Tier Bonus Points

JeetWin members can earn Loyalty Points by making a real money bet. Typically, JeetWin awards loyalty points for every bet amount. The loyalty points earned by taking certain moves such as playing games and wagering a certain amount after taking part within a specified period. Therefore, the Loyalty Points used to determine the Jeet Privilege Tier for each player.

However, the Tier Bonus Points rewarded at the end of each month to players, these are the additional points based on the loyalty points. To claim this reward, hence, contact our Customer Service.

Jeet Privilege Tier Benefits

Jeet Privilege for loyal and new members, the more points you earn the greater the rank you rise, and the more benefits you will receive. Moreover, among many perks that may accrue to a higher status, are loyalty points to cash exchange, tier monthly bonus loyalty points, faster withdrawals, exclusive support number, exclusive VIP lucky draw, exclusive VIP support manager, early cashback and customized vacation trip. Thus, the regular players can thus earn points for each bet they make. Hence, you will move up the tier as you continually accumulate the loyalty points and thus, increases the benefits you’ll get.

The Jeet Privilege functions

To qualify for an upgrade to the next Jeet Privilege Tier, hence, you will need to achieve the required Tier Upgrade Points or maintain required Tier Maintenance Points to stay in your current Jeet Privilege Tier. Therefore, if it does not meet the monthly loyalty points required for the respective tier, thus, the player will downgrade from the Jeet Privilege Tier.

For complete access to JeetWin “Jeet Privilege”, register here! To play online casino games after signing up, visit JeetWin now. Also, you may follow our blog posts for more sports and casino-related articles.

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