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JeetWin announces its latest tournament, Sacred Khel – Season 1. The event starts on 19 August 2019, 12:00 AM and ends on 25 August 2019, 11:59 PM. Announcement of winners happens a week after the tournament.

The Games

This tourney includes five games, Olympian Temple, Cock Fight, Rooster in Love, Kingsman, and Cury Magician. Sacred Khel is made possible through JeetWin’s collaboration with JDB, one of the most advanced gaming developers in Asia.

Olympian Temple

In Olympian Temple, players are introduced to ancient Greek gods and goddesses and are possessed with the powers of the mighty Zeus. The slot game features five to twenty-seven free spins with a multiplier up to five times depending on which tiles are revealed upon triggering the Bonus Round. It also has instant play function, wild and scatter symbols, in twenty lines and five reels.

Cock Fight

In this cock fighting-themed slot, players fight their way through the arena with the powers of their hero rooster. Using fighting cocks, players go toe-to-toe and a claw to claw with huge scores, free spin rounds, and a multiplier up to 200 spins. This slot game also features auto-play, instant paly, wild symbols, and scatter symbols, in twenty lines and five reels.

Rooster in Love

JDB fills Rooster in Love with Chinese festivals atmosphere, theme, and look. In Rooster in Love, players win with the Golden Rooster and Magpie, which come in pairs. The rooster brings blessings giving players a chance to win the grand prize. Released in 2016, this slot game features 243 line and free ways with a volatility level set to a low and a maximum win up to 4,800 multipliers.


Inspired by the Hollywood blockbuster Kingsman, this namesake slot game features the lead characters including Eggsy, Galahad, and J.B—the main character’s pug. A series of multipliers set this slot game apart other famous slots; the multipliers in this game come from the Free Spin rounds that help players win the prize of affording Oxford studies and fame. With 243 lines in a five-reel style, this game thrills players of all ages.

Cury Magician

Last on our list, Cury Magician sets the bar higher than before. Featuring a girl magician that offers up to 50 times the bet for the free spin bonus, and 500 times the bet for the wild symbols, this game gives high bonuses and credits to players. Other important symbols include a chest box, a magician hat, a magic glove and a magic ball.

Tournament Rules

Players need to follow these rules to win in the JeetWin Sacred Khel tournament:

  1. Players have to play weekly allocated slot games in the mentioned period.
  2. The score table determines the winners.
  3. The score table increases linearly.
  4. Winners will receive an account message once the bonus is credited.
  5. Any abuse of this offer may lead to all bonus funds being withdrawn.
  6. Multiple player accounts result to account forfeiture.


Tournament ranking decides the match winners. Rank 1 wins INR 10,000, Rank 2 wins 5,000, Rank 3, wins 3,000, Ranks 4 to 6 win 1,000 each, and Ranks 7 to 10 win 500 each.

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