Live Betting Strategy – How Many Live Bets Should You Make In A Day

Live Betting Strategy - How Many Live Bets Should You Make In A Day

Live betting, also known as in-game betting or in-play betting, has become a rage in the gambling world. For gamblers looking for crazy action, live betting is the go-to option. 

The popularity of online sportsbooks has further boosted the demand for live betting. Besides the obvious perks that online betting has to offer, live betting is quick-paced, and bettors can enjoy wagering on unique facets of the game!

Live betting offers ample chances to win big and make quick money. Contrary to classical betting, live betting lets you bet at random points during a live game. From full-on entertainment and action to potential for profits, live betting has many perks. 

How To Figure Out Your Daily Live Bet Limit?

Before we talk about the “rational” number of live bets one can make per day, take a look at the crucial factors that influence your betting limit:

  • Bankroll size: You can have $30 or $3,000 in your betting account, but your funds decide your betting course. While $30 is just enough to place one or two bets for fun, $3,000 is a pretty good amount to support your live betting plan for several days (depending on your approach).
  • Frequency of sporting events: Sporting events do not occur evenly. You won’t find competitions for 2-3 months of a year (“off-season”). But when it’s “season” for a specific sport, the games are varied. Even for regular sports, the games are unevenly spread out over a week. Hence, it makes no sense talking about a stable density of bets.
  • Experience: It includes all, from your knowledge of the game and quality of prediction to your past betting records. If you are new to live bets, you should start small. Also, make sure you fully understand the game and follow it closely.

Is There a Magic Number for How Many Live Bets to Place in a Day?

One of the most relevant aspects of betting is the number of bets one should place in a day. While some players make hundreds of wagers in a day, others might stick to very few or none at all. There is no written rule or statistics to pinpoint a specific number that’s perfect. However, you can always limit yourself to an “optimal” number of bets each day. It is when you are conscious of the events you choose and their outcomes. This self-tracking is the best way to gauge your progress and dynamics. After all, a randomly placed bet leads to nothing but loss.

When it comes to the frequency of live bets you can place, there are two limits. The upper limit is placing hundreds of bets each day, and the lower limit is wagering nothing at all. There are many more options within this range as well. Say, you could place a dozen or a few less than a dozen bets per day. You can always find a middle course taking into account the pros and cons of each option.

So, let’s take a brief look at these “betting limits” we just mentioned.

Not a single bet a day

New players often ignore this option but it can be a great choice to not place any bets at all. Live betting is erratic, and you can always choose to not place a wager if the games or odds aren’t in your favour. A lot of amateurs turn into maniacs betting on games left, right, and center. Not finding the usual games, they often end up betting on unfamiliar sports. The frustration piles up and the player ends up placing lots of bets with back to back losses. It’s way better to slack off for a while than act foolishly.

Hundreds of bets a day

Placing hundreds of bets in a day is only possible with a massive bankroll and sound financial plan. Veterans advise not using more than 20-30% of the funds at a time. The remaining 70-80% will always be in stock to protect against cyclical results. But if you involve all your funds at the same time, there will be no spare money left until bets are settled. However, even if you study hundreds of potential bets for a day, a close selection process will narrow them down to maybe a quarter of the number. It saves time and funds.
We’ll conclude by talking about the “middle ground” or the ideal number of bets one should place in a day. The average ranges from a few (3-5) bet to a couple of dozen (20-30) bets per day. Again, these numbers are not something you have to stick to. In the end, you’ll have to figure out the betting limit that’s right for you. There is no solid plan that will tell you the number of live bets you should place per day. But, your bankroll size, financial scheme, and the rates for the day do tell a lot.

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