Mastering IPL Betting in India

Best IPL Betting in India: CMD 368 vs UG Sports on JeetWin

The world of the IPL Tournament is full of suspense, game-action, and amazing cricketers. The effect of IPL not only transcends up to its loyal supporters alone. It also impacts the online sports betting sphere in general. Today, different betting sites cater for the IPL tournament and one of those is JeetWin. This platform consists of premier sportsbook platforms that any bettor wants to enter. The two of them that are known for being top performers are CMD 368 Sports and UG Sports, and they are available on JeetWin. Jeetwin have the best IPL betting in India. So, keep on reading the next sections until the end for the complete guide. 

Sports Betting

Sports betting is one of the most common forms of gambling in the world. It is an activity where you forecast the possible results of any sports event that is on the run like the IPL tournament. Nevertheless, it can be done by placing a stake or your money on the result of a sports match that you predicted would happen at the end of the game.

Therefore, if you aim to be a successful sports bettor, you need to know the logic behind betting on sports, deeply research the sports, and most importantly have an idea of how to place a sports bet. Despite some risks, many people continue to bet on sports. All because of the unpredictability nature of it and the overwhelming thrill that comes with knowing that all your sports predictions are correct. Overall, that sums up the entire overview of betting on sports, and hope it makes some relevance to you. 

Different sports bet types available in sports betting with JeetWin

Moneyline Bets

This sports bet is the simplest wager that you can place on betting platforms. This betting is about placing a bet on what team will win the game match. Odds on this bet indicate that the favorite team comes with negative odds and the underdog team comes with positive odds. The winning favorite team pays out less, while the winning underdog team pays out higher. 

Spread Bets

This is one of the common sports bet types. Here you choose a team and the number that determines how many points the favorite team is expected to win, or the underdog is expected to lose. This bet addresses the imbalances in the skill level among the teams in sports games.

Total Bets

This sports bet focuses on the combined scores of both teams in the game. This is a wager on whether the final score of the teams will be “over or under” based on the total points number set by the sportsbook. Here, you are predicting if the total points scored by both teams are under or over.


This sports bet combines multiple individual bets into a single wager. However, all your bet sections within the parlay bet must win for this bet to be successful. Despite that, it offers high payouts since the risk involved in this kind of sports bet is high. However, winning can be rewarding if all your bets in your parlay bet do win.

Prop Bets (Proposition Bets)

This type of sports bet is mainly focused on certain events within the game, it can be the total number of field goals, or even how many points a player will score. This is a unique bet since it is not based on the outcome of a game. It is a fun way to bet on the game’s different events. 

Future Bets

This sports bet allows you to wager on a game event that will take place in the future. For example, which team will win the championship in a sports competition, or which player will be the MVP at the end of the game tournament? These bets are focused on the future and the possible results of the upcoming sports game.

Why IPL Betting Is a Major Thing in India?

IPL betting in India is a major thing among its countrymen due to different factors. In this section, we highlight some of the key reasons. From there you can get an idea of where its immense popularity is coming from. 

The IPL tournament is India’s most popular sporting event today. Plus, cricket is the nation’s most popular sport when compared to other well-known sports in the country. Based on this, we may conclude that IPL betting is a major thing in India due to cricket’s popularity. Other than that, people in India have great knowledge of cricket sport, and participating in IPL betting in India can be an easy activity for them. 

In addition to the popularity of cricket, the IPL has become a big thing for sports bettors around the world, not just in India. This is due to the intriguing playoffs, emerging and star players, and other factors. From these, we can fully say that IPL betting is a sensation in India and other parts of the globe. Overall, those we mentioned are the major aspects of why IPL betting in India has become a major thing in the country.

IPL Betting on the JeetWin Platform

JeetWin is the best platform where you can perform IPL betting or sports betting in general. If you have not come across JeetWin in your betting exploration, it is time to explore our platform. It has everything you can ask for at a betting site. It has impressive lines of sportsbook providers including CMD 368 Sports and UG Sports. If you are looking for a great venue to do sports betting or IPL betting, visit JeetWin and head over to its sports section to find out its amazing offerings.

Best IPL betting in India: CMD 368 Sports and UG Sports Features

CMD 368 Sports Features: 

The CMD 368 Sports features allow its bettors to choose what they are offering from these sportsbook options. Since they provide live sporting games from all over the world, which are being renewed every week, providing even more betting opportunities. Above all, its sports bettors can also gain access to popular sports events like IPL, EPL, and many more. With all these features we mentioned, CMD 368 Sports has been one of the best IPL betting in India. And it is available on the JeetWin platform. Ultimately, there is no denying that CMD 368 Sports is a favorite option for bettors due to its wide range of betting opportunities.  

UG Sports Features:

UG sports betting features do have a thousand sports events daily for its existing bettors. Aside from that aspect, its betting platform comes with a user-friendly interface and is supported by an API integration. Its betting elements are packed with technology that makes it easy for bettors to navigate once used. There have been up to 1000 types of bets available on more than 60 types of sports it caters to. There is more to mention, however, those are the key areas we think are worth mentioning about UG sports. Based on these existing qualities, we can conclude that UG Sports belongs to the best IPL betting in India.

How To Wager in CMD 368 Sports?

In this section, we aim to give a process of how to place a wager on sports events like IPL tournaments. This time by using CMD 368 on JeetWin. 

1st Step: Visit the JeetWin website and log in to your account.

2nd Step: Go to the “Sports Tab” on the top section of the JeetWin site and click it.

3rd Step: On the new screen, choose “Cricket” then click “CMD” and then below select “CMD Sports.” 

4th Step: A new window will appear. On the left section of the page, click “Sports” and choose “Cricket”.

5th Step: Under the “Cricket Tab”, click the betting market (HDP & O/U or Outright) you want to wager to enter the betting slip.

6th Step: A betting slip window will show up on the left side. From there, input your bet amount and then place bets for successful betting. 

How To Wager in UG Sports?

In this section, we aim to give a process of how to place a bet on sports events like IPL tournaments by accessing UG Sports on JeetWin. 

1st Step: Head over to the JeetWin site and log in to your account.

2nd Step: Go to the “Sports Tab” on the top section of the JeetWin website and click it.

3rd Step: On the new screen, choose “Cricket” and then click “UG”. and then below select “UG Sports.” 

4th Step: A new window will appear. On the left section of the page, click “Cricket”.

5th Step: From the top section of the right-side page, choose the betting period you want to enter in Cricket. It can be today, live, early, or outright. 

6th Step: Look for the term “Indian Premier League” on the new right-side window. Click “More” on the right bottom section of the match and select the betting market to choose the odds.

7th Step: A betting slip window will show up on the right bottom side. From there, input your bet amount and place bets for successful betting. 

What kind of market do CMD 368 Sports and UG Sports Have?

Under the cricket category, particularly the IPL tournament, we will name some of the betting markets available.

CMD 368 Sports Betting Markets under IPL Tournament of Cricket

  • Match Winner
  • Team of Top Batsman
  • Team of TopBowler

UG Sports Betting Markets under IPL Tournament of Cricket

  • Match Winner
  • Most Sixes
  • Most Fours
  • 1st Inning Over X – Away Total
  • 1st Inning Over X – Home Total


Cricket and IPL Betting are two worlds that combined perfectly. Without the other, one side would lose momentum to what it is taking. Nevertheless, JeetWin has the best IPL betting in India and its two existing sportsbook platforms such as CMD 368 Sports and UG Sports add to its magnificent brilliance. Once you enter these two, you could say that it is worth participating in them by placing your IPL sports bets on them. There have been many betting sites, but JeetWin stands out the most among other platforms and has different selections where you can join to bet on sports. In the end, JeetWin and its existing sports betting providers are the best in its club, and with that, JeetWin is in the top league.

Where to bet this IPL ?

Bet on IPL by opening an account with JeetWin and be part of its growing community. Experience the amazing world of sports betting, where you can place bets on famous sports events like the IPL tournament. Keep betting to win amazing prizes from us!

Also, follow our blog posts for more interesting insights about casinos, sports, games, and more!

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