Most Popular Side Bets in Live Blackjack

Live Blackjack Side Bets

Bet and betting are the hobbies of the player. They love to bet to earn real money. Somehow most of the players also bet only for enjoyment purposes. At the same time, the game depends on simple rules and strategies. It is also considered the most popular card game in the world. Similarly, the live blackjack side bets will increase the complexity level of the game. The level of complexity also increases the huge amount of risk.

During the play, the player also includes their self in the greater amount of the risk.

The addition bet will place between the games, known as the side bet. It depends on the prediction process of the players. In a few cases, the card may receive by the dealer. While in both guesses, the player has to guess regarding the card. The bet of every card depends on the chance skill and the risk. The player has the opportunity to count the card for a better combination.

In other words, to generate the winning chance. In the article, we discuss the side. There is a variety of Live Blackjack Side Bets which you can use in the game. However, we are only discussing bout the most famous side bet. The player only has to read the article to get the complete info.

Pairs Perfect:

The player will develop the connection between the cards. It will be possible to play Live Blackjack Side Bets in three different ways. It can determine after the placement of the cards. The three possible solutions of it discuss below.

Pair in the Mixed Form:

The pair in the mixed form is the card that has the same suit but is different in color. For example, are 7 of the heart and the black 7 of the club? The ratio of the pair is 5:1.

Pair Color:

The pair color is two cards that have the same value. In the other case, it will represent the different suits and their color. Likewise, the red 4 number card of the diamond is red color. On the other side, the 4 number card of the heart with red color. In this case, we also get a similar ratio.

Pair Perfect:

The easiest card is of the side is the perfect pair card. It means two identical cards. The player has to get the two same cards Live Blackjack Side Bets. 

Second Bet of the Side Bet:

The bet is also known as the 21+3. The player needs a form of poker to win the bet. It means the player has to use their first two cards. Similarly, a variety of poker hands is available in the game. The detail relevant to poker hands is available in the below article.


It is one of the lowest-playing side bets. During the play, the player requires three cards of the same suit. At the same time, the player can easily win with the first two cards in Live Blackjack Side Bets. If the two cards are of the same dealer, face up. The same dealer face-up card is of the heart or the diamond. In other words, we also say the club or the spade.


In this case, the player care and the dealer face-up card are similar. It means all are of the same value. You will win the three of its kind. They never need the same color or suit. 

Lucky Lady:

The side bet includes a variety of payout methods. Similarly, the player has to reach the determined amount of the game. The player has to combine their two initial cards in Live Blackjack Side Bets. In other words, we also have to reach the value by 20. The result of the payout depends on your winning level.

3 Top Bets:

The player has to keep their eyes on the initial two cards to win the top three-bet. In the other case, the player has to pay with the dealer face card to win. The combination of both cards is also helpful in generating the winning power of the player. While the 21 +3 is also determined as the winning player in the game.


Betting is one of the famous games. The player like to lay the bet for enjoyment. In other words, we also say to earn real money. A variety of the Live Blackjack Side Bets option is available for the player. The information relevant to the bets is given above. The player must only read the above article to get the best side bet info.

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