Newest Promotion: 3 Level Deposit Bonus

3 Level Deposit Bonus

JeetWin is among the top online casino gambling and sports betting websites in India. A purely Indian online gambling with an enormous choice of various casino games. One of the market’s most varied and enjoyable online casinos. Indeed, JeetWin is one of the casinos that provide gamers with a thrill. Therefore, it always gives gamers the desire it wants from their gambling experience – a distinctive Indian online casino vibe upon joining the website. What can you ask for more? All that you looking for are already here at JeetWin.

3 Level Deposit Bonus

JeetWin’s latest promotion has finally launched. It is the three-level deposit bonus: 100%, 50% and 20%. Join now and try these promotions with your luck and get interesting bonuses at every stage you join. Let’s discuss today the variance between the 3-level deposit bonus.

100% Deposit Bonus

Double your fun and money by getting a 100% deposit bonus up to INR 5,000 on your initial deposit. After receiving the 100% deposit bonus, you are now starting your casino voyage with increasing enthusiasm by gaining the 100% match of your deposit amount. This promotion is subjected to a 10 times turnover requirement prior to any withdrawal.

50% Deposit Bonus

Level up your deposit by getting a 50% deposit bonus up to INR 8,000 after acquiring the 100% Deposit Bonus. This bonus is precisely the same with a 100% deposit bonus except it only offers a 50% bonus on your amount of deposit. This promotion is subject to a 20 times turnover requirement prior to any withdrawal.

20% Deposit Bonus

Enjoy the bigger and better last deposit bonus stage. Get the great offer and boost your deposit by 20% up to INR 10,000 after finished getting the 50% deposit bonus. This bonus is precisely like the other two-level deposit bonuses, except it only offers a 20% bonus on your deposit amount. The promotion is subject to a 30 times turnover requirement prior to any withdrawal.  

Process of Participation

This participation process will apply to all players who get 3 Level Deposit Bonus: 100%, 50%, and 20%. Simply register an account at JeetWin. Deposit a minimum deposit of INR 1,000. Select the promotion by level (1st-100%, 2nd – 50%, 3rd – 20%) and click “Join Now”. Enter a minimum deposit amount of INR 500 and click confirm to join the promotion.

Terms and Conditions: 3 Level Deposit Bonus

These are the terms and conditions that all apply to the 3 Level Deposit Bonus.

The 3-level deposit bonus promotion is valid for all players of JeetWin. It is only applicable to the slot and bar games from JDB, ISB, BNG, RT, NT, LD, NLC, CQ9, SG, HBN, MG, SA, PNG, QS, PLS and EVO game providers.  Plus, players may only avail of the promotions for only one time.  The ratio is 1:1 for slot and bar games (E.g. INR 100 bet amount is calculated as INR 100 wager amount). Furthermore, the deposit and bonus are subjected to wagering requirements prior to any withdrawal. And if the promotion is canceled before the wagering requirement is met, the actual deposit will be returned and charged with a penalty of 10%. If the remaining balance is lower than the actual deposit, there will be no penalty. Lastly, players must contact Customer Service after meeting the wagering requirement to cancel the promotion.

Choose 3 Level Deposit Bonus

Participate and acquire these engaging promotions. Enjoy and receive bonuses one at a time. First, get the 100% Deposit Bonus, second get the 50% Deposit Bonus, and finally, get the 20% deposit bonus. These three-level deposit bonuses are each other’s prerequisites. The second level is next after the first level has been acquired and then the third level. These 3 promotions at each stage will attract you to get the bigger and better bonuses. Do not waste this chance and begin now the gambling experience in your account with these bonuses. Go to this promotional page and get acquainted with the latest promotions.

To know more about the latest promotions, casino articles, and tournaments keep track of our blog site. Or follow the JeetWin site with its newest casino games and promotions. But first, sign up here to access online gaming!

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