Nine Types of Slot Players

The Nine Various Types of Slot Players

The slot is a unique and special kind of casino game. It is easy to play whether without skills needed. Therefore, they are a great fit for most to everyone who wants to experience this game. This only means that slot attracts the majority of gamblers since they cater to both low and high-risk games. In this article, we’d like to share with you the most common types of slot players which for sure you’ll be able to meet at some moment in your gambling journey. And who knows, you may even identify yourself in one of them. Let’s get started.

1. Superstitious Player

For those who believe in luck, fond of superstitions and gambling myths, here you may find yourself in this category. From blowing a pair of dice for good luck and wearing color red clothes in the hope of winning big, these are just examples of superstitious in the casino. Therefore, casinos are no exception from the beliefs that supposedly bring luck and fortune. Slot players also have superstitions like the machines that can be either hot or cold. A machine that gives huge payouts is hot, and the machine acting stingy is cold.  Despite believing in these superstitions, this type of player is smart and careful about where they spend their money. A player that under this superstitious type is always search for the hottest slot machines, hoping a lucky streak will bring them a fortune.

2. The Zone

This type of slot player is someone who is one the road to becoming a professional slot player. They don’t mind if they end up winning or going home bankrupt as long they’re minds are glued to playing slot machines. For them, they lost track of time entirely whenever they play slot games. The nickname Zone is about a player that is transfixed while playing this game and most likely in their own zone, it is just the machine, the player and nothing else. This type of slot player play slot not because of social or money aspect, it’s about watching the reels spin and seeing where they landed on.

3. Just One More Spin

This is for the players that identified themselves for a distinctive mark of desperation. The one more spin player is known to hit pretty hard a losing streak and when they reach the point to call it quits, they will mumble the phrase just one more game. This type of player doesn’t necessarily need to call it quits they just need to take a few precautions. The problem here is, it is never just one more try. It’s called an addiction. Our advice is just extra careful not to fall into the bottomless pit known as more one spin. You’ll just be lying not only to others but mostly to yourself.

4. Some Time for Yourself

If you enjoy the solitary aspect of playing slot games, then you might fall under this some time for yourself player. Of course, there’s absolutely nothing wrong with wanting some time alone while you play the casino games. It is perfectly fine if you seek a quiet and peaceful atmosphere. Nevertheless, this type of slot player goes to typical introverts who enjoy solitude. If you find yourself in this category, we may suggest trying online casino from your own home. Because we know there are times you want to avoid one on one interaction with a dealer or players sitting next to you. An online casino is a great option for your needs.

5. The Watchdog

The watchdog keeps an eye on a hot and cold player and lurked around the slots. Then waiting patiently for someone to load up a machine and then jump in just before it paid out to claim the winnings. When trying to commandeer a given slot, the watchdog will wait until the player has used their store of coins and call it a day. This is much trickier to do online with progressive jackpot slots, there are those who watch the various size of the jackpot and only begin to play once it has reached a certain level.

6. Goldilocks

Similar to a superstitious player, these players will move from one game to the next believing them its too hot or cold until they find the machine that is right for them. Goldilocks players believe that some machines are simply not a good fit for them or not ready to pay out and will only settle down once they have found a game to their liking.

7. Escape Artist

Escape artist finds seclusion of slot gaming and its repetitive nature helps them to unwind. It becomes a form of relaxation away from life stresses and work-related issues. The epic 3D graphics, euphoric soundtracks, and spinning reels will leave you with an awesome experience of playing slot though it has emotional state and risk involved. Nevertheless, there’s no reason why a player like this cannot enjoy the thrill and excitement of slots despite the negative upbringing it gives.

8. Professional

The professional type of slot players put their dedicated time, efforts, and dedication to their cause to turn a profit on slots every single day. Professional players put their minds fixed on the slot games. They have chosen games that have a lot of bonus features and free spins to boost their chances of striking the jackpot.

9. Zen Master

These are the players who gamble for a specific duration of time or have a certain objective in mind and keep spinning the reels until they reach the goal. They are patient players who have worked out ahead of time, limit the amount they cash out and walk away if they drop too low. They never weaken from their chosen path and remain unwavering on their course of playing slots even in the heat of the moment.

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