Paradise 2: The Fishing Game on JeetWin

JeetWin’s cooperation with the CQ9 gaming provider has shown excellent gaming content from the very beginning. Paradise 2: Turn You On is proof of the gaming excellence of CQ9. It is an e-game (fishing game) that provides life to the ocean world’s creatures. Together let’s dive deep beneath the surface of the ocean, join the fishes and other marine animals in their fight for sovereignty, and enjoy the amazing graphics as you play for real money and win real cash prizes.

Fishing Game

In addition to the exciting slot library, CQ9 Gaming features a unique fishing game that takes gambling to the highest level. Paradise 2 is much more engaging than any traditional slot machine, giving players a chance to get engaged. The fish game is one of their most popular titles in the gaming industry, despite its simple game mechanics. This game generates huge wins and can support various platforms.

Game Provider

CQ9 Gaming is an online casino software developer. In the present, it features 80 GLI-certified HTML5 games on over 1,500 separate websites. The firm now has a leading role in the gaming industry by pursuing all global quality standards.

Over the years, CQ9 Gaming has created some distinctive games, but Paradise 2 is likely the unique one. In an intriguing battle at the bottom of the ocean with gameplay resembling a real arcade game, the game includes marine creatures like multiple fish, whales, penguins, crocodiles against each other in the world of ocean.

How to Play 

The Fishing Game tasks the players by firing blasts from their cannons to slay different fish floating around the ocean. By killing them creates credits for prizes, triggering unique features, offering upgrades to weapons, and many more.

Paradise 2 has easy and simple gameplay that everyone would love to play and experience. All have to do is a click of a button to fire the animals in the ocean with the use of locked shooting. Sound easy, right?  Let’s explore the ocean world even more with this amazing game and discover the unique play along with these marine animals.

Game Features

Players can also use unique skill cards during the gameplay to freeze the screen and stop the fish from escaping and fleeing. Skill cards also have features such as increase shooting speed by 20 percent, get double win bullets, summon high awards fish, double kill rate bullets and attract big rewards.

Players can also improve the velocity of shooting to reach sea animals. Just alter the velocity of the cannon and it will shoot immediately. The game’s primary highlight is to kill the full metal lobster, chest Archelon, royal hippocampus to win the jackpot prize. The fishing game ultimately offers more fun than any video slot.

Game Result

The result of the game depends only on the random number generator, so you don’t have to be threatened by the absence of skills that it may cost you money along the way. This enjoyable casino game will award you alone depending on your luck as you appreciate the spectacle game that CQ9 gaming has developed out of the top game developers in the world.

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