Play’n Go Celebrates Mid-Autumn Festival with JeetWin

Play'n Go

Participate now on one of the biggest tournaments from Play’n Go – PNG Mooncake Festival Tournament. The promo runs for 10 days only starting from September 3, 2019 (Tuesday 5:30 AM IST) to September 12, 2019 (Thursday 5:30 AM IST). A total prize pool of INR 885,500 will be given to the top 100 players. The tournament features all the Play’n Go slot games. 

Game Provider – Play’n Go

Play’ n Go is a prominent provider of gaming that makes the most comprehensive, enjoyable and innovative games available on the market. PNG rapidly gained fame since 2004 with its broad range of games and products and has become a reliable partner for many of the top casino operators in the world. Every month, Play’n Go continues to develop new games and use the latest technological advances to give players the best gambling experience. Play’n Go assured casino operators that they develop high-quality casino games in a variety of genres.  


A total of 100 players will be shown on the Leaderboard. Furthermore, Play’n Go will award the top 100 players with 100 prizes for players with most game rounds. The leaderboard will show and update here the top 100 lists of the qualified winning players.

Terms and Conditions

  1. The player needs to play any of Play’n Go’s slot games or a combination of the said games (Mobile/PC) to be qualified for this tournament. 
  2. The player will only be qualified if he/she at least wagers with the minimum bet per round (spin) INR 50. 
  3. The operator has the option to give out 100 free spins to the top 100 players during the middle of the tournament. 
  4. There will be 1 tournament of 10 days’ duration. 

Prize Table

Rank Prize (INR) 
1st 169,500 
2nd 109,000 
3rd 89,000 
4th 59,000 
5th 39,000 
6th-10th (5 prizes) 19,000 
11th-25th (15 prizes) 8,900 
26th-50th (25 prizes) 5,900 
51st-100th (50 prizes) 880 

Final Words 

Be sure to partake in this promotion by joining in this tournament. Come and celebrate the Mid-Autumn Festival with us. Keep on playing to be one of the top 100 players this season of celebration, and you never know you might be one of the fortunate winners on this special promotion, who can get cool prizes. 

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