Pre-Flop Poker Mistakes That Many Novices Tend To Do


Poker is a game that has attracted a lot of audiences over the last few years. There have been some experienced players, and there have also been some new ones who are looking for new ways to better their game. This is why it is important for each player to understand the basics of poker and do their homework before they step into a tournament or a professional game. Poker is not only a game of cards, but it is also a mental game with a lot of mind games being played at the table. This leads some rookies to make mistakes pre-flop. The easiest way of avoiding that is to correct these mistakes before entering a tournament. In this article, we are going to understand some of the pre-flop mistakes and how to correct them.

Playing more hands than required

This is the most common mistake that rookies make. It is the easiest way of getting oneself into trouble, and this is very common in the game of Texas Hold’em. Ruchi players do not understand how many hands they should play at a time. Sometimes when you play a game, then the flow of the game depends on the stack size. However, rookies tend to play 8 to 9 hands and spoil the game. A great way of understanding when to stop is when you see that your VPIP or voluntarily put-in pot money is going beyond 30%. This understanding only comes through gradual practice.

Don’t avoid being aggressive

Poker has a lot of aggressive games, especially something like Texas Hold’em which is very aggressive. There are several different types of powerful and aggressive strategies that experienced and successful players use which will win them the game. Rookie players need to understand that if they have a premium hand and see that other players are raising and calling, they need to punish those players by firing in a bit. And if you see that your hand is not strong enough, then you need to fold.

Understand the gameplay of drawing hands

When it comes to games like Texas Hold’em, players need to understand that playing drawing hands can win them large profits. It is very rare that an experienced player wins the table with a single pair type hand. It is necessary for rookies to try and understand how drawing hand works and use it to make a flush or straight which will help them win profits. Along with this tiny to understand the gameplay of the opposition so that they know when to raise and when to fold.

Keep your distance from aces

When rookie players see that they have an s in their hand, they immediately want to keep it and hopefully win a game with it. However, that is not possible. The correct gameplay is to let go of the ace, draw and hopefully get a top pair which will then be the correct place in the game. The complex part of playing with Aces is that a lot of players like to use Aces in their game which leads the rookies with a second hand. Therefore, it is advisable to understand the gameplay before letting go of the ace.

Bluffing as an inexperienced player

Poker is a situational game where experienced players bluff once in a while. However, it is necessary to understand that if you don’t know the gameplay and you bluff, you may lose. Calling or raising a hand that may not lead you to win is one of the most common mistakes a rookie makes.

Use a Poker chart or calculator

This tip is something that may not help you win the game, but it will definitely help you make your game better for future wins. There are unlimited online resources available for each player to understand poker calculations. These poker charts which are used preflop are free to use for the beginner levels. Once the player understands how these charts walk, they will notice a huge improvement in their future games which will leave them experienced.


Poker is a game that definitely requires certain mind games that are played on the poker table, which is why it is necessary for all the new players or rookies to understand the game well before they sit with professionals. With a little bit of luck and understanding of the game, they can become experienced players who win high profits.

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