Pros and Cons of Betting Progression

Pros and Cons of Betting Progression

Every person that is related to the world of betting has some idea about what betting progression is, even if it’s vague. To put it in simple words, betting progressions or betting systems are structured methods that can help you win bets if your cards are right. They hike up your edge just a bit more than freeballing. There are no full-proof betting systems that work perfectly every time. They are just there for your aid, but most of the work depends on you. 

There are two types of betting progressions, Positive and Negative. We are going to judge the pros and cons of some of them. 

Negative Betting Progression

The most popular negative betting progression is the Martingale method. There are some variations of it but the core strategy remains the same. Negative betting methods are based on your loss. A simple Martingale progression would be to double your wager every time you face a loss. Depending on the notion that your bad streak cannot continue forever. 

Other than the simple Martingale, there are some variations of it as well. They are a little more complex. One of the most widely used betting progression is the Labouchere system or the split Martingale. In it, the player decides the amount of money he wants to wager each turn and divides the number into pairs of two, the sum up to the number he first had in mind. At the start, he takes the first and last number on the list and bets that amount. If he wins, he crosses it out and moves onto the next pair. The game ends when all numbers are crossed out, meaning he has won the amount he set out to. Or it ends when he has no more money to wager. 

Cons: Martingale systems can help players but the simple martingale should be avoided. It depends too much on losses and doubling your bet every time you suffer a loss is not a smart choice. If you don’t have a huge bankroll go

to cover your wages, you’ll be out of money very soon. 

Pros: Split martingale, on the other hand, is helpful as it keeps the betting amount to a standstill. This gives you a slight edge over the house and may help you win games. 

Positive Betting Progression 

In positive betting progressions, the core strategy is to increase or decrease your bets based on your wins. This gives the player a slight advantage as they are more careful and don’t bet their money away carelessly. The most famous positive betting system is called Paroli. In it, the player has to bet a core amount and keep betting the same amount until he gains a win, after that he doubles the betting amount. If he wins three times in a row, he finishes the game. This system is based on the belief that wins and losses all come in streaks and thus one win should be followed by another. 

Another popular positive betting progression is the Flat bet. In this system, you wager 10% of your total bankroll in every bet until you gain a 25% increase. Then you increase your bet according to the win. So a $1000 bankroll will have a $10 per bet wager until you get a $250 gain which makes your bankroll $1250. Then you bet $12.50 from the next bet. 

Cons: No system is full proof in the world of betting and gambling. Paroli also runs a risk of draining your bank account just because it depends on an absurd notion that everything comes in streaks. Which is not true. Gambling is based on chances. 

Pros: Flat bets are a better choice as they keep you from draining your bank account in one game. You only increase your wager after you’ve gained a steady amount of money. This keeps you from playing too recklessly and losing your hard-earned money. 


Betting systems are only there to give players a sense of structure in a game that depends a lot on chance. They are not bulletproof ways of winning as there is no way that is bulletproof in the world of gambling. These betting systems are there to help players manage their money better. Overconfident players might lose a lot of money if they recklessly play without caring about a concrete method. These systems prevent that from happening. Choose your system wisely before you go out to gamble.

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