Relationship Between Women And Gambling – A Look At Their Favorites

Relationship Between Women And Gambling

In the past, men have predominantly led the court when it comes to poker or any other kinds of gambling games. However, in recent years, there has been a steady increase in the number of women in gambling. There are a lot of reasons attributing to that result. One of the major reasons being the digitization of the gambling industry. It makes the game to be something to play at your leisure without going anywhere. Which in turn, protects their identity to a major degree. 

The main reason women haven’t stepped into the world of gambling to such an immense proportion before, is that there are a lot of social taboos around women gambling. Thankfully, that has lessened to a great degree nowadays, especially with the introduction of digital platforms. To celebrate that, here we have a list of their favourite games.

New Motivations and Perspectives 

Statistics show that men play the games with a predominant desire to win. However, in the case of women, they are more likely to let the dice roll and make do with whatever comes up in their favour. That is not to say, that women do not like to win as well. No, but, it is true that they play mostly to derive pleasure from the game. They also tend to enjoy the social interactions that go on during the games. It is actually thought to be one of the main reasons for their participation rates increasing so fast. This is why women are a lot less likely to get addicted to gambling than men. They know how to have a good time without losing themselves in it completely.

Online VS Offline 

Women tend to prefer online casinos than offline ones in most cases. First of all it does not require them to go out of their way to go to a select casino to play. They can just do it from the safety of their own home without being time bound. In turn, it also protects their identity to a major degree. Unfortunately, in the past there have been a lot of social taboos regarding women and gambling. Although, they have lessened a lot in the recent years, there are still some that have stuck till date. Which is why a lot of women still do not feel comfortable going out to a casino to enjoy themselves. 

The online gambling industry has come through in this situation like a boon for some. This is also one of the major reasons why this industry has been on an upwards rise constantly for some years.

Favourite Games

As women tend to gamble mostly to enjoy themselves and social interactions, they usually go for the stress free games. They also generally spend time on a single game rather than going through several ones. However, statistics can change rapidly depending on age groups. Interestingly, they tend to spend a lot more time on online casinos than men as they usually bet lower, and the gains take time to pile up. 

One of the most common games that women tend to play at the casinos would be the slot games. Thankfully, to entertain the masses, there are a lot of options available these days, from five-reel games, themed games or the classic games. 

Another favourite is thought to be real money bingo. We have all played classic bingo numerous times. Now with the introduction of real money payouts with vibrant themes, it is no wonder that it is a fan favourite.

Another thing we can not keep out of the list is online keno. It is a simple enough game where you have to pick your numbers and pray for a match. Stress free and fun, this might just be your cup of tea.

There is another game that has become a favourite for providing offline casino vibes through your screen. That is of course live Blackjack. It takes place live via a studio. It even lets you interact with the dealer and make your own moves. Fun, right?

There are a few other games like online baccarat and real money scratch cards that are stress free and enjoyable. Even though it is a table game, in baccarat you can participate in practice games to understand it better before playing.


Gambling first and foremost is a game to enjoy. It only harms one if you lose control and get addicted to it. Women in majority, however, seem to have found the perfect balance between enjoying themselves with a drive to win that is not destructive. So be cautious, practice all you want and happy gambling!

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