Street Craps Complete Guide – How to Play This Game?

Street Craps

This is a simple gambling game that looks like regular craps. The rules of street craps are far simpler than those of the original game, though. The Grand Casino in Las Vegas held the first edition in 2014. This type of craps is played outside, and all players need is a flat surface to toss the dice on.

The only bets allowed under street craps rules are two, and the most number of rolls is four. Moreover, the game is faster as well as easier to play. How is street craps played? Simple rules apply. The other gamble on the shooter’s chance of rolling a specific number before tossing in a seven. The shooter rolls the dice. All you need to set up a game is some dice and a suitable surface.

The rules of street craps are simpler than those of the classic craps game. Therefore, players play in both online and land-based casinos. This is why many players prefer this variation of the game. The players find it simpler to keep an eye on the action and be informed about every facet of the play. Moreover, the rules of craps have simplified the game to the point that there aren’t as many moving parts to pay attention to. We’ll go through the basics and vital rules of street craps in this article.

Terms used to play street craps

We will go through the key terms you need to be aware of if you want to play craps before moving on to the rules. You’ll learn a lot about street craps. By paying attention to common terms used by other players.

Roll dice

Street Craps requires players to have two standard dice to play. Therefore, remember that some dishonest people might use trick dice to ensure that the players’ bets fail.


The person who throws the dice is this one. Moreover, the street craps rules state that only one shooter may be active at any given moment throughout the play. There are two things the shooter can do: pass or bet.

Making bets

When it comes to betting, the street craps rules are strictly adhered to as fair payments depend on it. Only after the shooter has taken the dice can players make bets.


In street craps, a pass is a bet made by someone who is positive they will roll a seven or an eleven. The wager is successful and the gambler wins if the shooter lands one of these two numbers on a total of the two dice.

Don’t pass

According to street dice rules. Therefore, this is a bet made by the player who thinks the shooter will roll two, three, or twelve total on both dice.


The dice should bounce when the shooter tosses them, according to one of the main rules of street craps. For this reason, the dice should be able to bounce off of a wall or other type of backstop. Therefore, the throw is invalid if there is no bounce, and the shooter must try again.

Making a point

When the dice land on a four, five, six, eight, nine, or ten, the player scores a point, according to street dice rules. In the following round of the game, that specific number is bet upon and becomes the point.


The shooting zones should not contain any fingers. Toes, feet, and other body parts are also subject to the craps rule.

How to Play Street Craps?

If you are new to playing street dice, here are some easy steps to get you started.

Prepare Your Materials: Usually, two dice, money, and more than three people will work.

Choose the Shooter: This can be done at random or under player-approved rules.

Lay your Bets: The shooter selects their bet, going from left to right, with the players who follow suit. Therefore, until the shooter’s bet is matched or faded with an equal amount in the pot, betting is open.

Create your prediction: You are placing a bet on the initial roll. It’s called the “come-out” wager.

Compute the odds: The shooter and the people who bet with them will win if it comes out to be a 7 or 11. On the other hand, the shooter and the bettors on their side will lose if it’s a 2, 3, or 12.


Street craps require the same basic craps strategy to win as the classic game. Hopefully, all the gamblers who were new to craps have benefited from this article. Because the rules of this variation are less complex than those of the original casino game. Therefore, it is ideal for less experienced players.

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