The 5 Online Gaming Trends in India

The 5 Interesting Online Gambling Trends in India

It’s 2019 and progress in innovation has reached the field of online gambling in India. As technology is improving and hitting the gambling heights of the past, we have noticed that online gaming has boomed and experienced various transformations. Today, the improvements continue and have grown more and more in the modern era. We come up with five online gambling trends this year that redefine and change the areas in this gambling industry.

1. Increased Popularity in Mobile Gambling

Mobile gambling revolutionizes gambling accessibility due to technological progress. In 2018, online gambling’s growth rate rose to 95% and based on that information, the use of mobile devices is steadily rising to new heights. We can say that playing games are no longer limited to sitting on a desktop or laptop without having to move around. Through mobile phones, while you’re on the go, you’ll be able to access these games anywhere and anytime. With improved mobile data speed and unlimited data bundle offered by mobile operators, this trend will continue to grow.

2. Improved Live Streaming Casino Games 

Technology improves the quality of online casinos. Putting gambling into advancement at a new level. Although the progress is not so swift, we may say this time that it moves in the direction of growth. This technology we’re talking about enabled players on their electronic devices to play through live videos. Take you to these live games online versions that are played in a land-based casino environment. Right now, this genre is followed by only a few big-name developers. Nevertheless, these game developers’ leaders are expanding and improving their portfolios of live casino games. We expected other game developers to offer live games to expand further in 2019. At this point, we also expect a variety of game selection. 

3. Virtual Reality Games on the Rise 

Although this technology is new, not all casino operators are willing to change using virtual reality. This virtual reality technology helps make online casino offers more realistic. Including imitating a casino interaction’s real experience. The avatar replaces the dealer, the inside of the table and the casino are created by the Software. Sadly, there are still barriers to embracing this change regardless of this technological solution for online gambling. Non-availability of devices such as special headsets and controllers can interfere with its important role. When game developers outperform and create a complex mix of modern gambling environment. And if developers can create games that don’t need special gears, this will increase online casino growth. This could be the online gambling world’s game-changer. 

4. Improved 3D Game Designs 

The introduction of graphics in online casinos has turned the casino games into a better-looking game, particularly the slots. We expect well-developed games with 3D Animations this year. Offering a modern feel and totally altering the theme of the current titles. More new trends and more amazing artistic concepts will appear, like games on the market that revolve around famous movies and series. The 3D display slots are another good addition. Such games blend animation and 3D graphics with a tale. The 3D slots are not like any other games because they are paired with great animation and story. 

5. Blockchain and Cryptocurrencies 

Blockchain and Cryptocurrencies are going to revolutionize the entire gaming world by providing better and safer playing methods. In this year, and more years to come, online casinos will be open up their sites to accept cryptocurrencies transactions. In many casinos, e-wallet solutions are now being used and you can also find growing numbers of online crypto casinos. With that, the transaction speed is the cryptocurrencies ‘ main highlight since no bank process is going through, money is going from one account to another. To use cryptocurrencies, gamers do not have to provide any financial data.  

Dwelling in the cryptocurrency concept has given developers a better understanding of blockchain technology. As a result, it’s the start of seeing games dependent on blockchain as their set-up’s core elements. Instead of developers are just looking only to blockchain technology for cryptocurrency payments.

Final Thoughts 

Over the past few years, the online gambling industry has been on the rise, and developments will continue to progress. More and more people are playing online casino games due to the ease and accessibility it offers. Therefore, it’s a temptation that’s hard to resist. We hope to see a greater increase in the number of games in the coming years. This is because more and more countries are agreeing that online gaming should not be illegal. The ongoing technology development will allow players to enjoy the games even more with top-notch and alluring graphics in the perfect way. 

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