The Don’ts Of Casino Gambling

The Don'ts Of Casino Gambling

Many casinos had to close up shop in the 2020 pandemic. Many countries are also facing subsequent waves of the pandemic. None can tell when we will ever be rid of it – likely not soon. Naturally, the resurgence of pandemic means gamblers have to resort to online gambling. Online casino platforms have also seen rapid growth in over a decade. Several generations of fresh gamblers have thus experienced it only on gambling websites. 

While online gambling can offer most of the features you would expect of a casino today, it is not quite the same. For one, our casino etiquette might get rusty. This is one place where online casinos give you absolute freedom, since you are in your own elements at home. However, when the casinos do open up, you might get the urge to find the real casino experience again. So here is a primer for the don’ts of casino etiquette that will carry you far. 

1. Don’t use the internet while gambling at a table. 

Playing online blackjack, it is easy to look up a strategy guide for any possible hand. It is also easy to grow a habit out of it. Now, consulting guides is not illegal in a casino per se. But it is generally bad etiquette to pull out your smartphone while you are at a table. It is also not a good idea to bring your selfie stick to the casino. Even if a casino may look past smartphone usage, taking photos of the game floor is completely out of the question in most casinos. For good measure, be sure to turn your phone to silent/vibration mode if you are going to a high-class casino. 

2. Don’t interrupt the dealer.

For a beginner, a casino can be a dazzling place of magic. Many people do go there for a casual evening of entertainment and drinking. To accommodate them, there are a plethora of casino games that are beginner-friendly. The dealers also try to be as friendly as possible to new players. However, do not overwhelm them with questions and strategies. It is also important to know the table mannerisms. If you are familiar with online gambling, you will know most of the relevant terms. ‘Hit’ means asking for more cards, ‘stay’ means to pass. 

There are also hand gestures for most of the commands, and you either say the terms or make the hand gesture. You should not ask the dealer for cards in any other way – the table of card games is a silent place. You also never make any monetary transactions with the dealer. Remember that the dealer only deals in chips, and not money. This also extends to other players if they are strangers. They will most likely not be interested in returning your friendly conversation when a game is in progress.

3. Don’t occupy seats if you are not gambling. 

Hanging out with friends at the casino is a completely normal thing to do. For you, there is the lounge, the bar, and lotto-like games such as Keno. It is also not necessary that you all play the same game. You can even have your friend advise you in a game of multi-deck blackjack or poker. But they cannot take seats if they are not playing. They are also to stand behind you someplace where they do not have obvious vision over other players’ hands. This goes without saying, but it is also a good idea to avoid conversing too loudly with your friend. 

4. Don’t tamper with casino property. 

Even though it is a public place of entertainment, the casino is very protective of its apparatus. When you handle cards, only hold them down with one hand softly. Obviously, you should not mark them – that is a known method of cheating. You should also handle them with care, so as to not bend them or spill drinks on them. In most games where the cards are dealt face-up, you are not even supposed to touch them. 

Finally, note that the etiquette is there for the convenience of every player. The casino does not expect every newcomer to know all of the rules, so they will simply let you know if you are doing something to affect someone else’s casino experience. Generally, if you carry yourself with good, friendly behaviour, you are golden for the casino night.

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