The legal position of Online Gambling in India

The legal position of Online Gambling in India

Everyone needs money and capital in their respective accounts. And if the process is through a game then it’s easy for everyone. The similar condition is with the online gambling stuff. In India, the current situation of gambling is quite unsteady and shaky. 

In some states it is legal and in some, it is not. Here in some places like Goa and all it is legal. The primary situation for making it legal is because of the tourist spot. Maybe the government has allowed because of the number of tourist travels over there. That’s why the situation over there is a bit easy and comfortable. 

However, in some other states and parts of the country, the situation is not so comfortable for the online or physical casinos. Whereas, in most of the part of the country any one type of casino playing is sort of legal. For example the online casino is legal in Sikkim. 

The primary issue for most of the Indian player is to find the correct platform for online gambling. If somehow they find out the correct platform, the online service provider doesn’t accept their registration. This might be the biggest problem for Indian players. 

Gambling history in India 

The history of gambling in India is very old. In older days there were some of the games like ludo, chess, snake & ladder, etc. However, such games were not entirely based on gambling or any sort of money. But it proves that from the ancient period people love to play such types of games. 

Therefore as the time evolves, the games and their structure is also changed. Then people were using board games. When the British invades India, they changed the entire scenario of games and gambling. 

They were the first to introduce gambling and casino in India. From that period the evolution in games took place. They also introduce the act of public gambling. Where the lotteries, horse racing and rummy was introduced.   

From that era, everything is changing and evolving. Even the rules or gambling is still the same as of the public gambling act. 

No registration for Indian players

Due to the uncertainty of the government’s rules and regulation, the players are facing trouble. Most of the legit sites that host casino gambling is prohibiting the Indian players. In the country, there is a line of new and emerging fresh players. 

However, such a player is not getting enough room to participate in the casino battle. According to the government, the skill game is only legit. Basically, the game which increases your skill and enhances your knowledge is only useful. 

Maybe this is the only reason why the government is not turning it into legal. Once if online gambling is legalised like Goa, Sikkim, etc. Then the players across the country can play easily. 

There is still some platforms and sites that allow Indian players. So to find such legit gambling platform is hard. 

Future for Online Gambling 

It is not completely correct to say that the future of online gambling in India is dark. There are some states that are working on the procedure to make it legal. According to them, the physical casino makes more effect on the players, whereas the online version is more suitable. 

There are some great platforms that accept players from all countries. Even the issue of winning the prize money is also not a big deal. They easily transfer the winning amount into your account directly. Thus, this is a good sign for the players. 

With the positive steps of the government and with some legit gambling websites, it is now easier for one to invest their time into it. 


Yes, there is a state of confusion regarding the legal position of online gambling. However, there are some platforms where you can easily play games. Even the government is also making the road-map for the legalisation of online gambling. 

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