The Most Effective Craps Betting Strategy | A Game Guide

Craps Betting Strategy

The dice game of craps is a lot of fun and quite common in casinos. It would be difficult to find a casino in North America without a craps table. Also, they appear in all Hollywood casino movies. They always have neat and tidy people gathered around the table. And when the lucky players keep rolling in wins, the excitement grows.

Players take turns rolling the dice and placing bets on the outcomes, often to a great deal of excitement. Players compete against one another when playing street craps. They bet against the house in casino craps.

This article will have an emphasis on casino craps. Also in-depth information on craps betting strategy.

Beginners’ Basic Craps Strategy

Before moving on to real money play. We advise new players to practice the game’s rules and strategies with free online craps games. The “safe” or “low risk” craps strategy tips we’ve provided below are meant to assist players. To become more informed about the game, have fun, and even take home a small profit or two:

Pass Line Craps Strategy

The easiest craps approach is to bet on the pass line, which is what most players do in a physical casino. Pass line bets that win have a low house advantage of 1.41% and can return even money (1:1). In the come-out roll, players can begin this basic craps strategy by betting on the pass line. The pass line bet wins if the dice land on 7 or 11.

Don’t Come/Don’t Pass Strategy in Craps

This strategy is ideal for playing craps online because it won’t gain you any friends at the table. Players who use the Don’t Pass/Don’t Come tactic wager against the shooter by placing a Don’t Pass wager. Players win if the shooter lands on 2 or 3, and lose if they do so on 7 or 11. The Don’t Pass wager is a push and players get their money back if a 12 is thrown. Players should place a Don’t Come wager if a point is thrown. The Don’t Come bet, like the Pass Bet, pays out if the shooter rolls a 2 or 3, and a 12 results in a push. The intermediate ‘Dark Side’ methods, which are covered later, are built on the Don’t Pass bet.

Compared to the Pass Line strategy, this one has a house advantage of 1.46%. The chance of winning a Don’t Pass bet is smaller. Because 7 contains the most possible dice combinations.

Money Management Strategies for Craps

When to quit the table is one of the most difficult concepts a novice craps player can learn. A losing run will cause inexperienced bettors to lose all their session money at the craps table. Setting a modest “win” goal before a session and leaving the table. If you get it is a good craps strategy for beginners.

Improved Craps Strategies

You are familiar with the game’s guidelines. The best payout odds, and the best to stay clear of when playing craps. By adding more bets and strategies to your starting strategies. Our improved craps tips can help you reduce the house edge and improve your payout odds. They will go over Dark Side methods in particular. Where participants bet against the shooter in a game of craps.

Craps Odds Strategy

Players may do much worse than lay the odds. When trying to find the finest mathematical craps strategy to use. Laying the odds involves people to bet against the shooter and other players. Like all other Dark Side strategies. Bettor’s bet is that the shooter will throw a 7 before a 4, 5, 6, 8, 9 or 10. These are only allowed once the Point has been made. There is no house edge on these bets because the probability of them winning is fair.

The payout odds for these bets are lower than those for other bets. Laying the odds against 4 or 10 offers chances of 1:2, 5 or 9 offers odds of 2:3, and 6 or 8 offers odds of 5:6.

Craps 6/8 Strategy

The fact that progression betting strategies come with a modest house edge makes them appealing in craps. Because 6 and 8 have the second-highest odds of hitting on the dice (after 7). The 6/8 craps approach is chosen by players over other placing bets. Players use this strategy to place a $6 place bet on the numbers 6 and 8. Players take their winnings and place another bet if the dice land on one of the numbers. If they lose their bet, they place another one but this time they bet more money. Some prefer to boost their bets by a certain amount, while others double them every time.

Players can go for extended stretches without winning. Like with other progressive betting strategies. And they are partly dependent on a winning streak. Players should only try out this craps betting strategy. If they are comfortable using risk-free funds.


The most effective craps betting strategy relies on bets that reduce the house edge. And provide gamers with the best chances of victory. We advise players to place the least bet on Pass Line/Don’t Pass bets and lay the odds. And bet the most while reducing the house advantage. There is no house edge when laying on the odds, but there is a little house edge on the pass line and don’t pass bets (exactly 1.41%/1.36%).

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