The World’s Top 10 Horse Racecourses

The World’s Top 10 Horse Racecourses

Horse Racing is one of the oldest sports that can never wash out in the gambling world. It has a universal appeal that attracts almost everyone. And when these horse racing events take place in the world’s renowned racecourses; it can never go wrong. Many racecourses offer luxurious surroundings and first-class amenities, while others are rooted in tradition and history. With so many racecourses to choose from, we’ve come up with a list of the best horse racecourses in the world.

Meydan, Dubai

Meydan captured the race track lovers’ ‘attention even though it’s one of the newest racecourses out there. The five-star hotel, restaurants and inside museum attractions are the main reasons for this. This course is definitely one of the best and the largest horse racing arena you can ever imagine. For fans, the grandstand alone can hold 80,000 seats. There’s also an infinity pool on the rooftop. What are you going to ask for? This racetrack is home to the world’s richest horse races.

Royal Ascot, UK

One of the best-known racecourses in Britain. Royal Ascot is the pinnacle of the British racing season. It’s also a major social and style event with 300,000 racegoers making their way to the Ascot racecourse. Therefore, Royal Ascot is the most attended race meeting for the record. Royal Ascot’s characteristics are to engage in top quality racing than any other race out there. Consider one of the world’s prestigious horse racing venues in the world. It’s one of the leading courses in the UK until this time.

Churchill Downs, USA

This is one of the most popular racecourses in the U.S., in Kentucky State. At 170,000 fans lining their grounds, it holds the record for the second best-attended sports in the United States. The attendee’s outfits are lavish, especially for women who have oversized hats. Churchill Downs is a racecourse that is tested by years since 1875 and known for its historical significance and glorified architecture. The twin spires on the roof of the venue have been recognized around the globe.

Saratoga, USA

Saratoga is a horse racing track with a capacity of 50,000 spectators on Union Avenue in Saratoga Springs, New York, USA. Considered one of the country’s oldest sports venues. This venue is renowned for its lush green course and unique features including mineral spring and a hand-rung bell 17 minutes before each race. Saratoga is tested through difficult times and has survived two world wars, anti-gambling laws and periods of terrible reputation. Besides, this course will give you a feeling of ruminating when you reach the venue.

Longchamp, France

Longchamp is a 57-hectare horse racing track located on the Route des Tribunes in the Bois de Boulogne in Paris, France. It has been used for flat racing and is famous for interlaced tracks and well-known hills that give a challenge to competing racers. By hosting the Prix de l’Arc de Triomphe, it became renowned named Europe’s most prestigious race. This racetrack will never be left behind on our lists. It has a capacity of 50,000 viewers that can watch live the world’s richest turf race.

Santa Anita, USA

Santa Anita is one of the world’s finest race tracks. It has a view of the San Gabriel Mountain in California that provides us with a pleasant background. You will love the scenery it displays and appreciates the grandstand’s 26,000 seats. This racetrack provides some of America’s top horse racing events. Hence it is home to a number of prestigious races such as Santa Anita Derby and Santa Anita Handicap. Nevertheless, from 1986 to 2016, Santa Anita also became the host of the Breeders Cup.

Flemington, Australia

Flemington is Australia’s most popular course. It is another oldest race track and home to Melbourne Cup and Victoria Derby, the world’s richest and top-rated events. This racetrack gives us an unusual pear shape next to the Maribyrnong River on low alluvial flats. The course has a crowd capacity of over 120,000 which will save you a seat for sure. This contains three grandstands, six straight furlongs, and even a single railway line. This massive racetrack has been on the list as the National Heritage Site of Australia.

Epsom Downs, UK

Epsom Downs is one of the oldest race tracks in the world. It held the first recorded race on the Downs in 1661. Situated on the public site and in the UK’s southeast. Epson has a viewing capacity of 130,000 if it takes into consideration the people watching from an area open to the public. This is where the word “derby” came into being and has now been used to other sporting events. “Derby” originally referred to the richest horse race and the famous five British Classic Races. Epsom Downs is home to two of the British race calendar’s largest flat races, which are the Derby and the Oaks.

Aintree, UK

Aintree is best known and used to host the world-famous Grand National steeplechase, one of the world’s famous races. The racecourse is popular with its steeplechase obstacles–Canal Turn, Becher’s Brook, The Chair are the renowned Aintree courses. With 16 steeplechase fences on the racetrack, consider the most difficult course to complete successfully.  In Aintree, Sefton Metropolitan Borough, Merseyside, England.

Tokyo Racecourse, Japan

Tokyo Racecourse is situated in Fuchu, Tokyo, Japan, and was established for horse racing in 1993. Moreover, it has a huge capacity of 223,000 with 13,750 seats and considers the Japanese horseracing racecourse. It is here that you can watch the Japanese horse racing world’s most prestigious events. Tokyo racecourse is the biggest seat size in the world. There’re three racetracks–the grass field, a dirt track, and jump track. Therefore, Tokyo Racecourse also holds the world’s largest video screens.

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