Time Limits and Why Winners Do Not Use Them?

Time Limits

The main difference between winning and losing gamblers is in their approach to the game. The players who can safely tip on the winning side after stacking an entire year’s results are the winners. The ones who fail to do so are often termed amateurs. The one thing that factors in the most in making a player into a winner is consistency. What that means is, that they will have to keep winning more than they lose. Although it sounds easy, it is anything but. It not only involves a lot of time but also a lot of investment in research. Analyzing the game and learning about their own weaknesses and strengths is imperative to be consistent in any game. And poker is no different.

For example, if they do not understand what aspects of their skills make them win or what is still lacking, they will never become a consistent player. Because the game will only be filled with uncertain turns. However, after honing their skills and being consistent, there is another thing winners tend to do. That is, to stop using time limits. Although there are a lot of benefits of time limits for amateurs. Especially when losing games straight. It helps you to stop when you should stop and not exceed your budget. 

However, they do also make you stop and walk away with whatever amount you gained even if there are changes to win more. That is until you get carried away. Winners, it seems, discard time limits on their own after they gain enough experience. Why do they do so? Here we are going to discuss that in detail. Please read the whole article to understand more.

What do time limits mean?

Time limits are basically alarms that players set on their devices before getting into a game. It signals a time for you to stop playing and lets you walk away with all your profits intact after a good winning spree. This also stops you from getting carried away and losing the fruits of your efforts by making mistakes. You can set this during a game when you see that after this things might be taking a wrong turn for you. Although people usually set this before starting their night. With this, you can safely stop playing and go home the winner. For amateurs, it provides tremendous help as they might still not have enough experience regarding when to stop. 

However, in some cases, even after your alarm rings, there might still be chances of you landing a big win. In these situations, the smart thing is to go on playing disregarding the time limit. This is exactly what winners wait for. 

Why do winners discard time limits?

The major difference between a winner and an amateur is that the former has enough experience. They have spent enough time researching and analyzing the game to learn their strengths and weaknesses. As a result, they can recognize an opportunity for a big win approaching. In these cases, leaving the table because of your alarm going off is not that smart. What they do instead is keep playing and wait until they start showing the signs of exhaustion. Again, with enough experience, they can recognize these signs pretty easily and this is when they stop. As a result, they do not need to rely on time limits at all. 

There are even some situations where you can still keep winning even with tiredness. All you need to do is hunt down a table where the set looks opportunistic enough for you to win. As long as your contenders are happy to chuck money at you, you do not have to worry. 

There is, however, a little research you need to do to get there. Such as, when playing games like Blackjack, you need to learn its strategies and card counting. In Table poker games, you will need to be skilled enough to find a table that increases your winning chances.


Time limits initially do help you from getting carried away and losing your hard-earned money at once. But as you gain experience and learn to control yourself, you can rely on yourself to stop when you should. And you can also rely on yourself to pounce on a chance of winning big when it comes to you. So strategize, learn the tricks and become a winner in no time at all.

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