Top 14 Casino Etiquette Do’s and Don’ts

Casino Etiquette's that Every Gambler Should Know

Entering a casino and being surrounded by its wonders is something tempting and enchanting. Truly, a casino should look forward to being like a magical place. It has all the entertainment that will give you a lot of fun and excitement, but before we indulge in its deals. A few things we should be aware of before visiting a casino are listed below, after all, you don’t want to end up embarrassing yourself from the very beginning. Let’s observe and follow this casino etiquette for our perusal to make our casino trip memorable and enjoyable.

The Do’s of Entering a Casino

  • Wear Appropriate Attire

Upon entering the establishment, it’s good to check the casinos’ dress code to make sure you comply and dress properly for the official visit. We recommend that you dress well to blend in with the crowd. Advance plan your clothes ahead of time and try to look semi-formal as possible, but never get over and underdress for the visit. By doing so, you will be confident to face the crowd with a smile on your face without feeling dismayed about your outfit.

  • Be Polite

Keep in mind that when you lose or win, you have to be polite as much as possible. We know it’s easy to get distracted emotionally and get carried away by our feelings. That’s why we recommend that you bear in mind your actions and watch your attitude towards socializing with other people. Whatever the case, if you win, keep down your tone of voice and stay grounded when you lose. Remember to only invest what you can afford to lose.

  • Know the Rules

Before jumping into a game, be sure to familiarize yourself with the rules first. It would be a smart move if you play the game online or watch any table live games before sitting down and playing. In that way, you can understand the basic rules of the game and could come up with a good strategy. Therefore, it is better to come prepared than having nothing, to begin with.

  • Ask If You Can Join the Table

You’d be wondering what games to play if you’re a novice at any casinos. If you already decide on which game to play at, don’t forget to ask if you can join the table. Keep in mind to be well-mannered on asking. Anyway, you will remain in control of your gameplay.

  • Respect and Listen to the Dealer

No matter how much you invest in the casino and your status in life. The dealer will always have the authority to lead the game. If the dealer commands something, you should honor and obey it as long the game is ongoing. Prepare to listen to the instructions they give during the game. Always respect the dealer and other players so everyone can have a fair and entertaining experience.

  • Leave a Tip

Don’t forget to leave a tip to the dealer and your waiter or waitress when you visit a casino. A tip is not compulsory, but if you hand them over, it will be appreciated. It just means you’ve valued the service they’ve given you.

  • Manage Your Bankroll

The final casino etiquette is to properly manage your bankroll. Always prepare a budget for how much money you spend in any casino. And if the cash runs out, it’s time to stop playing games. Never chase the losses you incurred because it only leads to poor decision-making and bad debts.

The Don’ts of Entering a Casino

  • Don’t Ask the Dealer for Advice

Never ask the dealer for advice as they are not there to work with your bets to give you recommendations. The Dealer is not responsible for the players’ luck of winning at the same time liable to your loss. The dealer cannot predict the outcome of the game, even if they give you suggestions. And if you fail following the instructions, the dealer is not accountable for whatever disadvantage you experience at any given time.

  • Don’t Use You Mobile at a Table

It’s rude to distract players whenever you’re using your phone, especially if they’re trying to focus on the game. Many dealers would advise you to turn off your phone for the game. Therefore, it would advisable to never use your mobile phone at any time when the game is going on. If you are fully attached to your phone at the table without knowing it has a negative effect on the game, it would be very disrespectful to other players. Learn how to detach from the mobile and stay focused on what’s more important for the moment.

  • Don’t Sit at a Table If You’re Not Going to Play

This is very basic etiquette to bear in mind. Occasionally you just want to watch the game happening on a table. We don’t recommend sitting for the players ‘ reserved seats. Only sit down if you’re joining and playing the game. And if you’re there to support a player, it’s best to stay behind the table.

  • Don’t Give Dealer Your Money

Dealers are not allowed on the table to handle your money or chips. Never hand it over to them because they won’t accept it anyway. If you have already handed your chips, placed them on the table to place your bets.

  • Don’t Touch Your Chips in Play

You are not allowed to touch your chips once you have made a bet and the game is ongoing. Wait until the dealer sends out the signal to remove your bets placed on the table. Removing your bets is employing cheating which is not acceptable at all costs in any casinos.

  • Don’t Talk to The Dealer

It’s rude to ask frequent questions while the game is going on. Dealers aren’t your coaches teaching you how to play. Keep in mind that you also have to value other players who are focusing on their actions. Thus, never create a scene and disrupt the gameplay for your motives and reasons.

  • Don’t Drink Too Much

Drink responsibly when you sip a liquor inside the casino though not all gambling activities involving other people. Still, watch your alcoholic beverage intake especially when other players surround you. Because not all gamblers enjoy the company of a drunken player. Keep in mind not to drink too much of it.

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