Top 5 Biggest Online Slot Jackpot Wins of All Time

Top 5 Biggest Online Slot Jackpot Wins of All Time

Casino players would always feel the urgency and need to win a huge jackpot in any casinos. Unfortunately, there are odds and struggles to face along the way in order to be an ultimate winner. However, to some players, it is different from them. They have had a win against the bad fate of losing and experience the luck of winning. Let’s list the top 5 biggest online slot jackpot winners ever in this post.

Super Moolah – £ 13 Million

The first place on our winning list had just won a £13 million jackpot prize on Betway Casino. UK’s 26-year-old British soldier had the luck of playing Super Moolah, a Microgaming slot game. Jon Heywood placed a wager at Betway Casino in October 2015 and became a multi-millionaire overnight when he hit the ever the big slot jackpot in history. Despite the winning moments he had in the casino. He never forgets the current state of his father’s health. He is planning to spend the money on a good reason for his father’s medical treatments to make him a healthy man again.

Mega Fortune – €17 Million

Second place goes to a Finish player who was lucky enough to hit the jackpot and won € 17 million from NetEnt on the Mega Fortune game. He started with small stakes in 2013 that had helped to become in the top winning spot. The anonymous winner struck by luck and managed to get Paf Casino’s all-winning prize. From NetEnt, it was the second online gambling world record jackpot.

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Mega Fortune – €11 Million

The third-place comes from an anonymous student from Norway. A Norwegian in blood who invested a small stake in a Mega Fortune game at Betsson in September 2011. This young gambler decided to play with his after a night out in the cinema with his friends. He never thought of achieving this once in a lifetime event. Therefore, it was unreal and dreamlike to win the jackpot for him from the beginning until it sinks in him. The said winning moment was a breaker of record as he became Finnish big stake champion.

Mega Fortune – €8 Million

The fourth place was also swayed from the lure of the Mega Fortune game, this attractive game’s third winner. The winner came from Sweden this time. A Swedish 30-year-old who scored at Folkeautomaten in November 2015. The lucky player named Alexander just won a jackpot prize of € 8 million by playing this popular game. Alexander didn’t expect to win such a huge amount of money and never dreamed it. The slot game has proved throughout the years to produce success stories from jackpot winners.

Mega Moolah – $9.2 Million

The final winner that is most awaiting has already arrived. The last of our top lists holding the largest mobile casino jackpot champion ever in slot game history is here. And though winner name remains a mystery to all. We can only assume that he or she is a lucky person at Tipico Mobile Casino to win a $9.2 million jackpot prize from the Mega Moolah game. Maybe this person will live his or her life to the fullest with the casino money earned. We never know how money is spent, what we know at the start is that he’s a winner to say.

Final Thoughts

There will be days and nights of losing and winning moments in playing casino games. We don’t know where our luck or fate will bring us from playing. And, irrespective of the gambling scenarios we are about to face. The most important thing we should remember is there a chance and opportunities waiting at the end of the line. There will always be a possibility of winning while hitting the biggest jackpot you are intending to get. Don’t lose hope in gambling either it’s an online or physical casino, there would be a chance of possibility to win.

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