Top 5 Casino Games Preferred by Indian Casino Players

Casino Games

The casino is a type of game that is famous worldwide. Millions of people are addicted to it. Such online paid games are also quite popular in India. Many Indians invest in online casino games and win rewards. It is a medium where you have to pay to participate, and there might be a chance to win or cash back. This article plans to discuss the best-known casino games played in India. If you are willing to start with these games, know well before you proceed. Let’s start with the top 5 most preferred casino games in India.

Top 5 preferred casinos in India:

In India, more than 200 online casino games are available for Indians. Almost all of them are full of risks and may not be genuine to invest in. Here we will talk about the 5 best-known online casinos that seem authentic to go with.

Teen Patti:

Teen Patti is a famous flush gambling card game. It originated from three-card brag. Let me tell you the process. Usually, there are three to seven people in the game, and each player takes cards facing down. The players can call without seeing the cards or call a bet after seeing the cards. The target in this game is to stay in the game until the end and get the best or highest hand.


Poker is one of the top-ranked casinos in India. Here you may see many poker variations, but Texas Holdem is the most played variation in India. This formation is known to be more straightforward than the others. That’s why it’s more popular. Each of the players holds five cards in hand, and they look for the best cards. Most players are fond of playing live poker as they say it makes them feel like they are in a real casino chamber.


Papplu is also popular as an Indian rummy. It is a variation of the original rummy game that a number of people love. In India, Papplu is quite dominant and widely acceptable. Let’s come to the methods. It consists of 2 -10 players. The players arrange cards considering runs and sets. Players can play with 13 or 21 cards, but mostly we notice 13-card plays. Getting two runs before anyone else ensures you are a winner. Once you have been declared winner or ‘Papplu’, the other players remain a debtor to you with their points. However, once you know the rules, it will grow your interest in playing Papplu.


Katti is one of the most preferred casino games in India. Most people think Katti is similar to Andar Bahar. Actually, it is an online betting game, depending on the card’s colour. The dealer deals with a row of 13 upside-down cards. The players select cards and call either Andar or Bahar for their cards. After all, the wagers have been placed properly; the dealer deals with the neutral indicator card. Finally, the colour of the indicator card will define who wins and who loses. Another Interesting fact about this game is the players can also bet against each other. So, in that case, a player may lose against the dealer, but he may win the bet on the other players.

Red Dog:

Red dog is a type of table game. Basically, it is a variant of Acey Deucey. Not only in India, but this casino game also entertains millions of people worldwide. The rule here is the dealer has to deal five cards, all turned upside down. As soon as players have noticed their cards, they call their bets. They aim to have a higher card ranking than the sum of the entire suit. Here Ace-King-Queen is considered the highest-ranked card.

There are several gambling sites in India that offer you such casino games. The top 5 casino games are enlisted especially because of their genuine services, facilities, features, and safety. There are also some other popular casino games that Indians prefer to play. They are Baccarat, Minu Flush, Roulette, Slots, etc.


In India, gambling games have built an industry as a large number of people are getting addicted to them day by day. It is suspected that the number of casino players in India may increase from 350 million to more than 500 million in 2024. As casino games recently allowed Indian rupees to invest, the number of Indian casino game lovers is growing. However, some paid casinos offer money traps you must be aware of. 

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