Top 5 Casino Games with High RTP | What Are They?

High RTP Casino Games

Playing casino games online can be fun it can also be profitable. The secret is to know which games have the best chances of winning. It is determined by the Return to Player (RTP) percentage. An equation that estimates players’ winnings from slots is used to determine RTP.

Games with high financial risk need careful planning to give the person a chance for success. By doing this, you raise your chances of winning. And can play at an online casino knowing the game’s return potential. We cover the top casino games with the highest RTP in this article.

Why is RTP Analysis so Crucial?

There are many games to choose from, including authentic online slots and table games. But some contests are simpler to win than others. Each casino machine has different prize amounts accessible depending on its category. You’re increasing your chances of success by learning the RTP of live dealer casino games. Thus, it’s crucial to grasp it. Who wouldn’t want to play the games with the best chances of winning, too?

Yet, it also enables you to be aware of your limitations. For instance, rather than adding more money. If you play slots online and don’t seem to be winning. You might switch to a game with a higher or similar RTP. Therefore the odds will be in your favor if you play casino games with a high RTP over the long term. Since RTP is a long-time average.

What Formula is Used for Calculating RTP?

There are a few things to take into account when calculating an online casino game’s RTP. Therefore, including the average bet size, average payouts, and payment range. In basic terms, you subtract the number of turnovers from the number of wins.

For example, if a game has generated $2,000 in revenue and $1,780 in wins after 20 days, the RTP can be determined as follows:

1,780 ÷ 2,000 = 0.89

This formula allows us to determine that the RTP is 89%. Therefore, real online slots have an RTP of 94%, which is thought to be a very good chance of winning.

Top Five High RTP Casino Games

Blood Suckers

Blood Suckers is one of the industries closest to even-money online slots, with an RTP of 98%. The game was developed by NetEnt, the industry leader in online slots. It has excellent graphics with a gothic 1960s theme. Moreover, a spooky soundtrack, and strange yet fantastic symbols. Coffins and bats are used to symbolize the 25 paylines that are there.

It’s regarded as one of the best casino games to play. Thanks to everything from the captivating visuals to the creative bonus game. In fact, in 2022, it will be one of our most popular online slots.


It’s no surprise that Starmania is one of the most played casino games with an RTP of 97.68%. The space-themed game, which is available only online, is visually captivating.

You shouldn’t hope to win hundreds of thousands of credits because the most win is only 900 credits. You do, yet, stand a good possibility of earning a profit, no matter how big or tiny. The game also has 10 paylines, and wins are rewarded both up and down.

Jimi Hendrik

This five-reel online slot game pays homage to legendary guitarist Jimi Hendrix. It is a constant fan favorite. Another innovation by NetEnt, it offers 20 paylines and a 96.9% RTP. And the largest reward potential of 400 times what you bet.

It is the rock and roll of online slots, infused with Jimi Hendrix’s songs and riffs. Therefore, even the artist’s renowned solos are included to honor successful combinations. This has excellent music, a high RTP, and excellent graphics all around.

White Rabbit

This Alice in Wonderland-themed slot machine is exciting and amusing. It transports you to a fantastical world of free spins, big rewards, and wild cupcake symbols. This superb work of art, produced by Big Time Gaming, has an RTP of 97.72%.

With alluring incentives like “just one more spin.” Moreover, it is obvious that Big Time Gaming spent time crafting this into a captivating, fun game. It’s difficult to ignore because jackpots of up to 13,000x are available.

Monopoly Utility Trails

Monopoly Utility Trails is the last item on our list but should not be disregarded. Therefore, a player can win up to 250,000 credits, and the game is jam-packed with features and extra activities. It has an RTP of 96.61%.

The slot machine recreates the most iconic Monopoly products on its eight reels in true retro style. Therefore, it has the potential to provide fifteen extra symbols. Keep an eye on the electricity company, as a hint.

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