Top 5 High Rollers in Gambling History

Top 5 High Rollers in Gambling History

High Rollers or Whales are treated like royalty by the casinos they visit, and there is a good reason for that. They bet a lot of money on each hand and their involvement also improves the status of the casino. If a player was playing tens of thousands of dollars in every round, casinos take an interest in them. Then the casinos fly them in a private jet and they have luxury cars that take them to the casinos. They also get amazing resorts and hotels to stay in and just live a lavish lifestyle while playing in the casino. But this treatment obviously doesn’t come easily. But some gambling whales are as infamous as they are notorious. Here is a list of the top 5 high rollers in gambling history.

Phil Ivey

While talking about high rollers, we have to talk about Ivey. He is considered to be probably one of the greatest poker players of all time and a nightmare for casinos. But still, he was a whale when it came to gambling away money. The amount of money he has won and lost is unfathomable. He has probably lost almost as much as he had won. But to this day, he remains one of the greatest high rollers of all time. And not just Poker, Phil Ivey is known to drop $100-$200k regularly on craps and baccarat tables. He has won $10 million in a casino in Atlantic City and followed that by another $11 million he made in London. Even though he was accused of cheating and has legal cases against him, he is still a huge name in the gambling world.

Adnan Khashoggi

As we are talking about notoriety in the gambling world, Khashoggi is one of the leaders of that genre. He is a full-time international arms dealer and a part-time gambler. He could very easily be in a James Bond movie. His net worth was already $4 billion in the late ’80s. This meant good things for him, but bad things for the casinos he visited. Because, unlike many high rollers that cannot play, Khashoggi was a master of the art. Generally, casinos feared him.

Mo Chan

Chan had one of the most mystical presences of all time in gambling history. He came out of nowhere and then vanished without a trace. Once he won $10 million in an Australian casino. It’s a lot until you get to know that he was betting $500k each hand in Baccarat. After his continuous huge winnings, casinos had to limit his wagers, or they’ll go bankrupt. Not pleased with the results, Chan left the scene with a heavy heart and a heavier pocket. But he still remains one of the most mystical whales of all time.

Kerry Packer

Packer can be considered the OG Whale of gambling. He is not just treated lavishly by the casinos but also has the kindness of a king and leaves massive tips in millions for the staff of the casino he plays in. Packer bets in millions as well. He usually bets $500k on a single blackjack hand. And he once spent $25 million on several roulette tables simultaneously. He lost all of them, but that did not lessen his grandeur. The Australian billionaire is one of the most coveted high rollers of all.

The Sultan of Brunei

Wealth and gambling often go hand in hand. So it should come as no surprise that the Sultan of Brunei, one of the richest men on the planet, is a gambling fanatic. Not only does he have an insane car collection that can put any other to shame, but he also apparently spends about $1 million per day in the casinos that he visits. He loses sometimes, but he has a net worth of $30 billion. Losing a billion hardly puts a dent in it.


The insane amount of money the high rollers already have is why the casinos treat them so well. It is more about how much you spend in the casinos than how well you play. But these people raise the class of casinos by visiting them and the casinos in return, treat them like royalty. Some of them end up becoming the worst nightmares of casino owners but most of them make the casinos a profit. These notorious high rollers, among many others, are probably sitting at the top of the gambling world.

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