Top 5 Indians Famous for Their Success in Gambling

Top 5 Indians Famous for Their Success in Gambling

Gambling in India is not a foreign concept. Everyone knows about the famous gambling chapter in Mahabharata. The Pandavas lost all their belongings and even Draupadi while gambling against Shakuni. Murkha Nayanar is also one of the ancient people famous for their gambling skills. He was one of the 63 hounds of Shiva. Unlike the other Nayanar priests, however, Murkha Nayanar displayed his dedication to Shiva through gambling. He is also one of the first known gamblers of India. Historically, India has known many great gamblers. However, with a lot of laws in place now, you might expect fewer great gamblers in existence. But still, some go above and beyond our expectations through their gambling skills. Here are a few of them.

Jaydev Mody

Jaydev Mody is one of the pioneers that shaped the gambling structure of India. His company Delta Corp is the best in the game. They own many gambling ships and casinos in the state of Goa. Goa is one of the Indian states where gambling laws are pretty loose. Many people from India and abroad visit Goa and take advantage of these casinos. Jaydev Mody has been gambling for decades and sees it as a positive recreational activity. He is one of the greatest gamblers of India and his company Delta Corp earns almost $1.3 billion in revenue.

Raj Kundra

The successful entrepreneur  Raj Kundra is an avid poker player. He is also one of the best in the game. Kundra has launched the Match Indian Poker League (MIPL) and the Online Team Poker League (OTPL) app. He is one of the pioneers of online gambling in India. Since there are no set rules against online gambling in India, it is something many people are interested in. Being not only a great gambler but also a great businessman, Kundra has combined his skills and knowledge to forward online gambling in India.

Vivek Rajkumar

Currently a resident of the USA, Vivek Rajkumar is a very successful gambler. The 35-year-old is involved in social media and sports betting. But also is a champion poker player. With his amazing poker and betting skills, his total earning now stands at $8,080,012. Even though now he is a former poker player, his skills have earned him a lot of fortune.

Nipon Java

This New Delhi-born is a professional poker player and well known in the circle. He also won the very prestigious WSOP bracelet along with his teammate Aditya Sushant. Nipon is a US resident. And he also plays in the US circuit. In 2017, he teamed up with Aditya Sushant from the Asian circuit to play in the 48th WSOP $1,000 Tag Team event. Here they made history and won the prestigious WSOP bracelet. This was a moment of glory in Indian gambling History. Java’s total earnings through poker and gambling are about $2,989,360. He is also one of the best in the game.

Raghav Bansal

This AC Milan fan has made a fortune out of playing poker professionally. He was interested in poker for a long time, since his college days. But he decided to become a professional poker player in 2014, which was probably the best decision he could have made. Bansal is 4th in India’s All-Time Money List, which makes him one of the best poker players of India. He was the first Indian poker player to join the WSOP final table in 2015. He has also won a lot of other poker tournaments across the globe and made a fortune. His total live earnings are about $1,094,910. He also likes to play poker online. Bansal has mentioned that he loves to go around the world and meet new people and engage in new activities that open up his mind. He enjoys poker in all its glory. 


That was our shortlist of some of the most successful poker players in India and of Indian origin. All of them have a passion for gambling that has moved them beyond normal bettors. They have made a living out of it. They are all successful in what they do. But not only have they made a name for themselves in the gambling circuit but also for India. Some other names should be mentioned alongside them like Abhinav Iyer and Aditya Agarwal. All of them make up the cream of the crop of Indian gambling.

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