Top 7 Female Gamblers of All Time

Top 7 Female Gamblers of All Time

Gambling has had a long past and many versions of it have come up in history over time. Different games originated from different countries and made their way into the modern gambling world. But one consistent thing throughout history was that gambling was always a male-dominated form of entertainment. Women gambled as a leisurely pastime in their homes but rarely outside. In the USA, women were not allowed to gamble until the 1960s. But some women made their place in this male-dominated world. And modern female gamblers have continued the tradition. Here are the 7 most successful and famous female gamblers of all time.

1. Annie Duke

Anne ‘Annie’ LaBarr Duke, better known as Annie Duke is a famous poker player born in New Hampshire. She was born in 1965 and was an academic woman who did her major in psychology. She did not start gambling until her mid-twenties. That was when she discovered her talent for poker and decided to pursue a career in the same. She is a very famous player who has also made tv appearances. Her brother Howard Lederer is also a famous poker player and the two competed against each other in a poker tournament in 2006. Annie is not in the competitive scene anymore but she does make occasional appearances as a guru in some Vegas tournaments.

2. Vanessa Selbst

Vanessa Selbst is one of the most iconic poker players of all time. Many regard her as the best female poker player of all time and she is indeed worthy of the title. She has the highest tournament earnings among any female poker player that goes up to $11,850,000. Not only did she win three WSOP bracelets, one of the most coveted titles in the field of poker, but she has also played in more than 25 finals tables in many tournaments. She is also the only woman in history who reached the #1 place in the Global Poker index. She also made it into Nevada’s Gambling Hall of Fame.

3. Lottie Deno

A revolutionary figure in the history of female gambling, Lottie Deno was probably one of the first women to be famous for her poker skills. She was born in 1844 when female gamblers were still looked down upon. She settled in Texas and made her way into the gambling scene between 1860-1880. Despite all the stigma, she became one of the most fierce women in this male-dominated industry. Sadly, nobody knows her real name, only her multiple pseudonyms.

4. Kirsten Bicknell

Affectionately known as the ‘Ultimate Grinders’ in the gambling circle, poker player Kirsten Bicknell earned this nickname because of how many tournaments she took part in. She is also known as the ‘femme fatale’ of poker. She played an estimate of 7.5 million poker hands between the years 2011 and 2013. Her tournament earnings add up to more than $5 million and she had earned her place as one of the best female poker players.

5. Claudine Williams

Claudine Williams was the first woman who earned her place in Nevada’s Gambling Hall of Fame. People remember her for her contribution to developing the Las Vegas gambling scene. She was the youngest woman to ever own a gambling club in Texas when she was only 21 years of age.

6. Anette Obrestad

Anette is mostly known for her famous YouTube channel where she posts make up related videos. But this online phenomenon is also a well-known gambler and had a very successful career in poker. She started playing at a very young age of 15 and has since won more than $2 million playing poker.

7. Alice Hukert

Another well-known female gambler from the 19th century, Hubert is now known as Poker Alice. Her well-deserved alias stems from the prominence she gained in the male-dominated industry in those times. She was a fierce woman who was not only good at poker but also an amazing dealer.


We can see that all of these entries are of female poker players as it is the most well-known and celebrated gambling game of all time. Making a name for themselves in the industry where most faces are male is a big feat in itself. We are all proud of these women who were not scared of anything. And decided to play a game that they loved. People will always remember their talent, hard work, and courage that put them on the pages of gambling history.

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