Traditional Casino vs Online Casino

traditional casino online casino

The Industry

The worldwide casino industry is a phenomenon that boasts a global revenue of 125 billion US dollars in 2018. The sector shows no signs of stopping as the revenue is expected to exceed 130 billion US dollars this year. Its immensity however is due to its comprising two huge subcategories—traditional casino and online casino. Granted that traditional casinos have been around since the 18th century, they have aged well amidst all the technological advancements the world has seen in the last 200 years. Online casino though an infant compared with its live counterpart has climbed its way to the top and did so in a swift and steadfast manner.

Loyal live casino patrons and online casino players, though sometimes interchange platforms, choose their stand not just because of taste but for a lot of fathomable reasons. To this end, Let’s compare and contrast live casinos and online casinos and look at how together or, they change the course of the gaming world.

Traditional Casino

Equipment powers traditional casinos. Many players like to feel the intimacy and genuineness of having physical contact with the game apparatus. Gaming control boards regularly check and control casino equipment, making sure that they are up to par with government standards with little to no error and random outcome.  Players sometimes see this inspection, which adds to the security factor. 

Online Casino

Graphics alone make online casinos a lot better than traditional ones. Though modern brick and mortar casinos often have computer screens, they are stand-up and serve one game only. Online casinos are virtually limitless. Players may choose one game after another without the hassle of moving from point A to point B. In short, comfort is its strongest suit.

Gaming control boards also regulate Random Number Generators (RNG) which runs on online casinos. Sites strictly observe compliance as they are subject to immediate suspension or even shutting down because of non-compliance.

Perhaps the strongest ace of online casinos is its plain comfort. Players have the freedom to play whenever and wherever they like. With online casinos, bonuses are endless in contrast with traditional casinos with no bonuses at all. Having virtual dealers is no problem. Sites like JeetWin offers games with live dealers from various game providers. This live streaming makes online casinos more intimate and real and almost feels like traditional casinos.

Verdict — Traditional or Online?

One cannot say that traditional casinos are better than online casinos and vice versa. It’s all up to the whims and nuances of each player and sometimes even controlled by the latest fad. However, we cannot deny that each style has its own strengths and weaknesses. While physical aspects and security factors make traditional casinos favorable, speed, bonuses, and infinite visuals give online casinos the edge.

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