Vivo Pro Kabaddi League Rules and Regulations

VIVO Pro Kabbadi

Vivo Pro Kabaddi League is a Professional level league in India. It has been glorious first 6 years, inaugurated in 2014 and the tournament was seen by 435 million viewers, second to the 2014 Indian Premier League 552 million.

The 7th Season is already underway, but what is Kabaddi? How does it work? What makes the Pro Kabaddi Leagues such an exciting thrill? If you are not clear on these details, fasten your belts and read below. It takes only 2 – 3 minutes to understand the rules and regulations of Pro Kabaddi League.

Pro Kabaddi Field of Play and its dimensions

Pro Kabaddi Field of Play
  • Field of Play means the area min of 17 meters x 18 meters and max of 20 meters x 20 meters.
  • Courts means area measuring 13 meters x 10 meters. Court is within the Field of Play represent ABCD in the above diagram.
  • End Line means the four boundary lines AB, BC, CD and DA in the above diagram forming the court together. All end lines are 3 to 5 cm width.
  • Lobby means the yellow strips on both sides of court measuring 1 meter width.
  • Mid Lines means the line divides the play field into two halves represent IJ in the above diagram.
  • Half-Court means each half of the court divided by the mid line represent AIJD and BCJI in the above diagram.
  • Baulk Line means each of the line in court represent MN and RQ in the above diagram parallel to the mid line. 3.75 meter is the distance between the baulk line and mid line.
  • Bonus Line means the line between the baulk line and end line represent PO and TS in the above diagram. 1 meter is the distance between the bonus line and baulk Line.
  • Raider means the player who enters the opponent court, performs raid and tries to touch players and return safely to his court. The time limit for raider is 30 second, so the raider has to complete his raid within that time limit or he is declared out.
  • Defender means any player who is in his half court and stops the raider from returning back to his court.
  • Empty Raid means raider successfully returns back to his court without getting a point.
  • Do-or-Die Raid means a raid when a raider has to bag a point otherwise he will be declared out. This situation comes only after a team plays two empty raids continuously.
  • Super Raid means a raider bags three or more points in a single raid.
  • Super Tackle means when three or less defenders successfully holds a raider in their court and make him out, they earns two points to the defender instead of one. This is also called a Super Catch point
  • All out means all the seven player of a team have been put out by the opposition team.

Match Rules for Pro Kabaddi League


Each team must have a match day squad with min 10 players or a max of 12 players, with seven playing at a time and the remaining 3 to 5 players shall be substitutes. One overseas player in their match-day playing squad is mandatorily required for each team.

Duration of the match

The time duration is 40 minutes, divided into two halves of 20 minutes each, and an interval of 5 minutes.

System of Scoring

Every team shall earn one point for every opponent out or put out. The side, which scores an ALL-OUT, will earn two extra points. For Bonus, each team earns one point. If the raider is caught when there is equal or less than 3, additional 1 point is awarded. The total point is Two.

Time Out

Time Out of 90 seconds each per match are allowed to each team. The permission of the referee for the time out is called by the Captain, Coach or any playing member of the team.

During time out, player should not leave the ground. In case of any violation, a point is awarded to the opponent team.


  • 5 substitution are allowed to each team with the permission of the referee
  • Substituted Players can be re-substituted by utilizing one of the remaining substitute player. The total number of substitutions allowed in a match is 5.
  • If any player is suspended from the match, no substitution is allowed for that particular player.
  • Substitution is not allowed for players who are out.

Bonus Point

Bonus point is awarded if the raider cross the bonus line without being caught by the defender. No bonus is awarded if the raider is caught by the defender.


The team which score the highest number of point in a match is declared as the winner.

List of Pro Kabaddi League Champions Season wise

Season Winners Runner-up Result #of Teams
2014 Jaipur Pink Panthers U Mumbai 35-24 8
2015 U Mumbai Bengaluru Bulls 36-30 8
2016 January Patna Pirates U Mumbai 31-28 8
2016 June Patna Pirates Jaipur Pink Panthers 37-29 8
2017 Patna Pirates Gujarat Fortune Giants 55-38 12
2018 Bengaluru Bulls Gujarat Fortune Giants 38-33 12

Performance of all the teams in all Seasons

Team Played Won Loss Tie
Gujarat Fortune Giants 49 34 10 5
U Mumba 107 68 33 6
Patna Pirates 111 72 26 13
Bengaluru Bulls 106 48 51 7
Telugu Titans 104 45 47 12
Jaipur Pink Panthers 104 45 50 9
Haryana Steelers 45 19 20 6
Bengal Warriors 105 43 50 12
Puneri Paltan 106 43 56 7
UP Yoddha 48 18 23 7
Dabang Delhi 102 31 64 7
Tamil Thalaivas 44 11 26 7

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