What Are Poker Bots And How To Know You Are Playing Against One?

What Are Poker Bots And How To Know You Are Playing Against One?

With the constant evolution that the online gambling industry is going through, a lot of new technologies were adapted. It is as much for the convenience of players as it is for the casinos’ convenience. However, as with all things, not all the technologies that are coming through are benevolent. Such technology is a poker bot. They are basically AI players. So, of course, they are above human flaws and oversights. Now, in a situation like this, the human player against them fights an unfair battle. This is why poker bots are illegal. So, here we are going to talk about what exactly poker bots are. And also how to identify if you are up against one of them. Do not worry, they are easy to recognize once you know the signs properly. So make sure to go through the full article for a better understanding.

What are poker bots?

As we said before, bots are basically computer programs that are designed to play the game flawlessly. As they are AI programs, they obviously have no sense of tiredness, so they can play a lot of games at one go. They do not get influenced by tilts, and never make mistakes while playing a hand. So all the rules and counter-strategies, or psychological plays you can prepare against your opponent go right out the window. Also, they have no sense of tiredness they can play indefinitely. This allows them to build their bankroll over a long time. This is why bots are unethical and illegal. Actually, if this keeps on being the trend, then the end of online gambling might not be that far ahead.

How to identify them in a live game?

Here we are going to discuss how to recognize the signs when you are playing against a bot. Please read on to learn more.

  • Calculate the time your opponent takes to play each hand: bots take about the same time to calculate and respond to any action. For example, you call a hand and get a flop. Now you check, then your opponent waits for a couple of seconds and then checks back. Or when you bet, your opponent again waits for a couple of seconds and then folds. Now what basically happens is, during this time, the bot first processes the action and then analyses it to come to the best course of action. This is possibly the best way to identify a bot because there is no way a human opponent will take the same amount of time to come to a decision. At least not over an extended period. So look for this during your next game.
  • Your opponent never answers to the moderator: another really good way to identify a bot is if the player is not responding to the chats. For example, if you are playing in a tournament and there are only three players left. Now two of you are ready to cut a deal, but the other opponent is not responding to the chats. A moderator is called, and now even if they message them directly, there are no responses. See, now there are some bots in the market capable of conversating in some way. However, the responses are highly suspicious in nature. And in a situation like this, they are completely futile. So this might be a good way to identify them.
  • The player can play for a very long time: as we stated before, the bots bing computer programs have no sense of tiredness. Now, a lot of gamblers attempt to build their bankroll faster grind for a long time per day. However this also can cause them to burn out fast, so overdoing it for a long time is out of the question. Now, a player continuously playing for a long time is sure to attract attention. And if it is, someone that plays continuously for 12+ hours a day, then it becomes clear. This is a foolproof way to identify a bot in poker.
  • They play an insane amount of tables: poker bots are actually not great at poker. So their strength comes from playing in volumes rather than per game excellence. That is the only way they build their bankroll. So if you find a player playing not 1,2 or even 4 but over 20 tables at once, it is a sign that your opponent is a bot.


Poker bots are unethical and illegal. They make the game highly unfair, and take out all the fun and anticipation from it. So learn the signs of a bot, be cautious, and enjoy your favorite game as much as you can.

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