What Are Some of the Biggest Casino Myths – Debunked!

Casino Myths

Over the years, there have been several ways in which people like to entertain themselves. One of the most popular ways is the casino culture. Even though casinos have some societal stigmas, they have been a popular part of our entertainment. People are very easily drawn to the idea of thrilling and exciting ways to win big. However, the media has always tainted casinos as a bad habit because of all the gambling. This negativity is just a part of all the myths that have been floating around in regard to these casinos. Here is a list of myths that are untrue and will force you to think about putting on your swag and going for a glamorous night out to the casinos!

1. The games in casinos are rigged

When you don’t win for a long period of time, the idea of the games being rigged is easily put into your mind. This is one of the biggest myths because the true fact is that casino games are not rigged at all. It seems that the games are rigged because of the heavy regulation by the governing bodies, which ensures that the games are fair for everybody playing. Of course, there is this idea that casinos do not prefer people to come and have a big win, but they are also not standing as an obstacle for you to win.

2. Casinos have extra oxygen

This is far from the truth. There have been many stories and myths revolving around the fact that casinos secretly release extra oxygen in their surroundings so that people remain a lot and keep wanting to play for a long period of time. This is one of the most bizarre myths. Not only is it not possible for casinos to put out extra oxygen, it is also not feasible. Extra oxygen can lead to a lot of complications for the people who are staying there. It is possible that the casinos have rooms that are a little colder than other rooms, but that is just because of the air conditioning and not because of the extra oxygen.

3. You will receive a big win in the slot machine if you haven’t won in a while

This is again a very prominent myth, which is completely false. There are a lot of people that believe that if a slot machine hasn’t given a big win for a while, then it is possible that it’s your chance to win something huge. This is completely bizarre because a slot machine doesn’t know whether it has won in hours or not, and it is obliged to perform in the way you want. These machines generally use a random combination of numbers in every spin and it is not determined beforehand.

4. Counting cards is illegal

A lot of people gain their ideas of what happens in a casino through the entertainment industry like movies and serials. These movies portray the fact that sometimes it is illegal to count cards when you’re playing a game like a blackjack. The truth is that counting cards in the game of blackjack are definitely not illegal. It is possible that the casinos don’t like it when somebody counts cards, because it gives them a better chance of winning. It is necessary to be subtle when you’re trying to count the cards. Because if you get caught, they may ask you to leave the casino.

5. The casino always wins

This is another very popular myth. There is a house edge that suggests that the house always wins the game statistically. However, that is only for the long term. If you play the game in the right way and you have a bit of luck on your side, then there is nothing stopping you from walking out the casino with some amount of profit.

6. Changing seats during poker gives you a better chance of winning

This is actually a very prominent myth. There are a lot of people who believe that if they change their seats in a poker game. Then they might have more chances of winning. What they don’t know is that the cards are dealt in a random manner and the probabilities are the same no matter where they choose to sit.


Even though Casinos are considered a ‘bad habit’, they are going to be around for a long time. People have visited casinos for years now as a source of entertainment during holidays. And some people also visit because they have a chance of winning a large profit. Next time when you visit a casino, you can be a little more confident after these myths are debunked!

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