What are the Best Times to Play Poker?

What are the Best Times to Play Poker?

Probably one of the most frequently asked questions in the online betting community is – when is the best time to play Poker? There are two reasons behind this. One, Poker is a very high stakes game. To know when the risk of losing your money to someone is the lowest is very important. Secondly, unlike other Casino games, you have to play Poker with other people. So, knowing when the opponent is the easiest to beat gives you an upper hand if you are a serious bettor.

Best Time to Play Poker in a Day

We can broadly divide the best times to play online Poker based on one thing. When the traffic is the busiest, and the most inexperienced players play. It’s easy to win money from players who have little idea of Poker. During the day, most traffic arises in the evening. The largest number of Poker players in the world come from America, Canada, UK, Brazil, etc. If you can adjust your time to the evening of these countries, you will automatically gain a chance to make money off of them.

A lot of these players play for fun but bet a lot of money on Poker. So there’s a chance that you’ll earn in big numbers if you keep these few facts in your mind. In countries where the Poker traffic is high, it’s not unlikely to run into exceptional players. But the evenings are certainly a safer bet.

Best Time to Play Poker in a Week

As mentioned before, the best time to play Poker in any situation is to wait for the largest amount of people to play. If you play weekly, it’s best to play during weekends rather than weekdays. A lot of working people don’t get time to play during the weekdays to the traffic is comparatively lower. On the weekends, however, the traffic is considerably higher. The easiest people to win against are drunk people and recreational players.

As the name suggests, drunk people are people who decided to down one too many shots on the weekend and tried their luck in online casinos. Even if they are good players, they are easy to play against. You can expect them to bet a lot of money, and if you play your cards right, you can easily beat them.

Recreational players, on the other hand, are those who don’t play very often. They are occasional players who play for fun. They might not bet a lot of money as they are just playing to pass the time. You can win against them easily if you have a strong basic knowledge of Poker. Both of these two types of people make up most of the traffic on weekends, so that’s where your focus should be.

The Best Time to Play Poker in a Year

Last but not least, what is the best time to play Poker in a year? Well, to put it in easy words – it’s during the holidays. More precisely, the holidays that are celebrated worldwide like Christmas and New Year are the best times to play Poker.

The logic behind this is the same as playing on the weekend – the easy traffic. Since people celebrate these holidays everywhere, players from different corners of the world join the world of online betting sites during these times. You will get all the drunk players, recreational players, and even the ones who never play. This time of the year is the easiest time to play. With your luck and your Poker skills, you might win a lot of money in just a few games.

Holidays are the busiest time of the year for online casinos. Even though not all of them will play Poker, as there are easier games to play, you will get your fair share of opponents. If you are someone who wants to make money off of online gambling and know the game well, this time of the year is your best bet.


Poker is a game of nerves. One of the main reasons behind its popularity is the fact that you have to play it against other players. There is no house edge in Poker, and the winner takes it all. If you know your way around the game and place your bets wisely, you can easily be victorious. The best times only matter if you are already familiar with the game. Otherwise, you might end up being the one at a disadvantage. So, learn the game well and play to your heart’s content. You already know the best times to score.

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