What Are The Card Counting Myths?

What Are The Five Card Counting Myths?

If you are just testing the waters with gambling, you probably are researching for methods to make you a seasoned gambler. If you delve a little deep, you might find a method called ‘card counting’. Yes, the same glorified thing that has been used in countless movies, tv-series, and other media whenever there’s a scene about gambling. To be honest, it’s a good method, but there is nothing mystique or otherworldly about it. Card counting is keeping a tally of all the high and low point cards in games like blackjack. It might put you at an advantage over the house edge but it won’t give you a sure win. Here are a few card counting myths you need to keep in mind before you take gambling seriously.

Card Counting Means Assured Win

Not even close. Blackjack, like all gambling, is risky. A card counter might have a 1% edge over the house. That’s approximately the same edge the house has over other players. And just like the house doesn’t win all games, a card counter doesn’t either. Their risk might be slightly lower but they also run risks of loss just like everyone else.

Card Counting is Illegal

This is untrue. A lot of people might think that card counting is illegal because a lot of casinos prohibit it. But the truth is it is not. Nobody will arrest you for card counting. But if a casino catches you card counting, they might ask you to leave. If you cause a scene, they might ban you from their property. This is mostly because they don’t want anyone else to have any advantage in the game. Casinos can ask you to leave because they are legally allowed to kick someone off of their private property. But card counting is completely legal.

Card Counting is Incredibly Complicated

Card Counting is actually not that complicated. Even though Hollywood has portrayed it as some kind of a superpower, it is not. Card counting may not be very easy as it’s hard to keep track of everything that’s happening on the table while playing your own cards. But the process is pretty straightforward. It’s just the execution that might force a challenge on you. It takes a long time to become a seasoned counter but if you want to get started, it’s not hard to learn.

Card Counters Make Millions from Bets

Again, not true. While it is true that they run a slight advantage over the house, they do not always win. Card counting involves discipline that is very hard to come by. They are also very patient and smart. Even though card counting is easy, not everyone can be a counter. Most casinos can spot wannabe counters but they don’t say anything. If you want to become a counter, you have to let go of your frustration over a loss and focus on the next game and the next one after that. This is how you make yourself a seasoned counter. They are not born with some innate supernatural power to keep track of cards. Years of hard work and loss make them the way they are. They win by small margins and run risks like every other gambler.

Counters Can Drain Casino Profits

This isn’t true anymore. Counters used to be a headache for casinos long ago. But now, in the crowd of millions of gamblers online and offline, that headache is gone. Casinos can spot counters but they don’t get involved unless there is a big win. Experienced counters are rare and don’t pose much of a threat. But yes, once in a while some counter will bag a big win. But that is not completely dependent on his abilities as a counter but also on his experience as a gambler and his luck.


Card counting is a method many rely on to gain an advantage over the house and other players. It doesn’t always work, since it’s not a superpower. The overdramatization of counting in pop culture is mostly the reason behind this belief. But honestly, it’s a neat trick. Every player is trying to win in gambling by hook or by crook. It never hurts to have an extra card up your sleeve (pun intended). So if you are a gambler who wants to learn card counting, go ahead. But it’ll be good to remember that it doesn’t mean assured win. You have to work hard, maybe even harder than anyone else to bag win.

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