What Are The Most Common Types of Online Gambling Scams?

What Are The Most Common Types of Online Gambling Scams?

Online gambling has been around for over two decades. Within this time of rapid tech evolution, its features and design may have changed much. But its appeal has been a constant. Gambling sites sometimes get a bad press because many of them are seedy, out to leech the gambler’s money. But often, gambling sites are the target of third-party frauds. Here are some of the major types you should be aware of.

Bonus Abuse

This is up as the very first point not because it is common, but because you could be doing it without knowing. Granted, it is much less of an issue today compared to other types of gambling frauds. But people tend to unwittingly abuse bonus points through a sense of entitlement. So what are bonuses? There is a lot of competition among the thousands of gambling websites to bring in new clients. Naturally, this leads to them offering lucrative sign-up bonuses and daily promotions. A bonus is basically extra goodies. It can be an actual monetary deposit or something indirect like free spins. 

Nearly in every case, the casino actually does not lose money with these ‘gifts’. That is primarily because you need to usually fulfil some form of criteria to grab that extra bit of cash. Take, for example, a $100 bonus in a casino. But to retrieve it, you need to wager 10x the offer, or $1000, upon which you get this extra gift of $100 in your wallet. But to do this, you lose money through the natural house edge of the wagers. When you factor in all this, the casino earns more than they lose. A bonus abuse is basically thwarting that design by some glitch or exploit. They can reclaim the same bonus multiple times or make multiple accounts with VPN tools. As it is, these types of bonus frauds are very difficult to do these days because casinos have safeguards against the usual methods. 

Because of their innate design to benefit the casino first, it may seem ethical to abuse bonuses like this. But casinos almost always downright forbid it and can take your potential gambling winnings away if caught. 


Collusion is more of an umbrella term to refer to many different types of gambling frauds. Several individuals can collude under the table to accomplish common interests. The easiest way to exemplify this is by all the participants of a poker table working the same scam. Of course, the biggest target of this exploit is bonuses. As we know, bonuses have rollover requirements. So, if enough individuals collude together in a series of card games, they may each fulfil their requirements. Consequently, they walk away with the extra sign-up bonus without ever putting any money at stake. 

Chip Dumping

Unlike many hacks and scams, which are about gaining unfair hands at winning money, chip dumping is a way to deposit money. It is often a form of money laundering seen on online poker games. Basically, chip dumping is one or several players losing intentionally to one player. In doing so, they ‘dump’ all their chips into the designated player’s bankroll. This scam can have several functions. For one, this can effectively help one player complete their rollover requirements for a bonus (and thus a bonus abuse). Moreover, this can also help a player to ease their way to the top of a tournament by virtue of a high chips stack. 

But the more sinister function is the aforementioned money laundering. Money acquired through illegal enterprises cannot be directly put into a bank without raising a few eyebrows. On the other hand, gambling winnings are both considered legal and taxable – so no qualms against depositing them in a bank. Thus chip dumping is a way to ‘legalize’ that illegal money through an agent who participates in an online poker game. 


Gnoming, at its core, is the same as chip dumping. In fact, one can call chip dumping a way of gnoming. It is the practice of using multiple accounts to help one account in an online casino game. The chief difference is that chip dumping refers to just cheating in that way at poker tables, while we find gnoming exclusively in online gambling. Moreover, a single person playing on multiple accounts simultaneously can effectively cheat with this method. It helps in all kinds of games. Imagine, for example, the advantages of playing three hands of blackjack at the same online table. This is one of the many reasons why online gambling sites discourage making several accounts. 

Cheaters who collude to abuse online gambling loopholes are not just detrimental to the gambling site. In fact, they are a detriment to the community. If for nothing else, just cheating in pro tournaments is unfair to every honest player. But thankfully, major reputed online casinos have several ways to deal with these usual suspects of gambling fraud.

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