What are Video Poker Hand Rankings and how can They Improve Your Game?

What are Video Poker Hand Rankings and how can They Improve Your Game?

Video poker is a fixed-odds poker game with a five-card draw. But unlike the table version, you have to play it in terminals similar to slot machines in land casinos. You can also play it in online casinos. It is also called slot poker because of its nature, but video poker has a skill element that slots lack. Either way, it has a relatively high RTP rate and since players can play this all by themselves without needing even a dealer, the game is quite popular. Another feature that attracts people to this game is the fact that it has a very low house edge. But to take advantage of this, you have to learn what video poker hand rankings are and how to use them in your favor. 

Much like traditional poker, hand rankings are a crucial part of video poker as well. And you cannot get much ahead in video poker without knowing everything about hand rankings. We are going to tell you the hand rankings and their values in one of the most common video poker games – Jacks or Better. Jacks or Better is a stand-in for every other video poker game. Even though it is not the first poker game that gained a lot of popularity, that award goes to Draw Poker, it is the most popular game of today. If you understand the hand rankings of this game, you can figure out the rest pretty easily. So here are some video poker hands rankings with their payout rate.

The Royal Flush

The royal flush is the highest-ranking combination in video poker. It happens when you draw a five-card combo including the 10, Jack, Queen, King, and Ace of the same suit. Depending on the game, this combination can win you anywhere from 200-300 to 1 payout. Usually, the payout for this hand is 250 to 1. Some games also require you to form them into a sequence to win money. The rewards for this hand are delightful but the chances of someone getting this hand is also very low. 

Straight Flush

The second-best hand in a video poker game is the straight flush. It is made up of any 5 consecutive cards of the same suit except the Royal Flush. The payout for this hand is usually around 40-60 to 1. For the standard game of Jacks or Better, the payout is usually 50 to 1. 

Four of a Kind

As the name of the hand suggests, it is made up of four cards of the same value. For example, if you get a hand like this- 9-9-9-9-7, you have a four of a kind. The payout odds for this hand is about 25 to 1. 

Full House

This hand ranks fourth on the list. It is made up of a three-card- two-card combo. Where three cards are of the same value, and the other two also have the same value. If you draw a hand like 6-6-6-8-8, you have a full house. The usual payout for this hand is 9 to 1. 


A flush consists of five cards of the same suit. You can have five cards of any value, but if they are from the same suit, you have a flush. The payout rate for this hand is about 6 to 1. 


Five consecutive unsuited cards make up a straight. If you have a 4-5-6-7-8 but from different suits, you will have a straight. The payout rate for this hand is 3-4 to 1. 

Three of a Kind

You will have a three of a kind if you have three cards of the same value in your hand. If you have 7-7-7-9-5, you will have three of a kind. The usual payout for this is 3 to 1. 

Two Pair

The second last ranking in this list is the two pairs. When you have two different pairs in your hand like 7-7-4-4-9, you will have two pairs. This combination pays double your bet. 


The last on the list is the pair. This hand happens whenever you have a pair in your hands. The payout of it matches your original bet, so you don’t gain anything. 


If you are someone that wants to play video poker, you need to learn all the hand rankings. This can get you far in the game. You will also end up getting more money if you know what you are trying to achieve. Learn all the rules of the game and play wisely, and it can make you a lot of money.

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