What Casino Game has the Highest Payout?

Which Casino Games Pays the Best?

Casino games are all different but before you put your money with a casino operator. A player should have to find out first what casino games offer the best odds in the casino realm. Therefore, playing casino games with the highest odds is the best way to win in casino. If you want to win significant casino payouts in the world of casinos, it is important to learn which games offer you the most advantage. Thereby, let’s tackle what casino games that give the best odds of all to give you the best chance of winning.


Blackjack is the best casino game for winning money. It’s one of the player’s simplest games ever. Wherein you need to find a number that will beat the dealer number without going over 21. This table game has an average house edge of 1% or as low as 0.13%, giving the player a winning 99% advantage. Without strategizing, the player encounters a 2% to 3% house advantage. Therefore, it requires luck and comparatively little skills to win at blackjack. Like the player, the dealer depends on luck as well. Therefore, the odds are even for these two.


Baccarat is one of the highest casino payout games. Thus, among the most famous table casino games in history, with an average house edge of 1.09% which is comparatively low. To play Baccarat, you start by placing bets either player, banker or tie. If you place a bet on the player, the edge of the house is about 1.36%. Placing your bet on the banker will reduce the edge of the house to 1.06%, and if you choose a tie bet, the edge of the house will increase to 14.4% on average. The tie bet, therefore, has the worst odds compared to others, whereas the banker bet has the greatest odds.


Craps is one of the casinos’ famous games. It offers more enthusiasm and excitement because the opportunity to roll a dice is given to everyone who bets. The overall idea is that players choose to bet on or against the shooter. If you bet that the shooter will win the roll, therefore, you bet on the pass line, with a house edge of 1.41%. If you bet on the don’t pass line, you bet the shooter loses the roll. The house edge would be 1.40%. With a small house edge, craps odds are the second best and can possibly return a good payout. The average edge of the house is about 1.2%, but some casinos usually give 0.60%.

Roulette (American)

Roulette is one of the simplest casino games to play and the odds for bets are pretty nice. The concept behind Roulette is that each player will bet on their favorite numbers, then the dealer will spin the wheel and you will win if your number is chosen. Most casinos set Roulette’s house edge at 2.7% for a single zero (European & French) and double zero (American) at 5.26%.

This is a casino game in a roulette wheel. And has the greatest odds to win the game. It’s quite easy to master this game even for the beginner players will find it simple, while the odds of roulette also pay out very well.

Andar Bahar

Andar Bahar is a simple Indian card game locally known as Katti and Mangatha. One of the traditional Indian gambling game. This table card game can be played Andar or left or Bahar or right. The purpose of the game is for players to guess the side on which a selected card will appear on the table. A player can bet against a dealer’s card in this game. It is a game of chance with 50/50 odds where the strategy does not have much of a role it plays.


Fan Tan is a traditional Chinese casino game. The game starts when a large number of beads are dropped on the board, which makes the game look unfathomable and confusing. To play, the game task the player to show the number of beads remaining in the group of four beads. The player should pick a number from 1 to 4, and the final group will be the outcome. Wagering on one number makes a house edge of 3.75%, wagering on two numbers makes a house edge of 2.50%. Betting on three numbers makes a house edge of 1.25%.

Sic Bo

Sic Bo is another casino game from China known as Tai Sai (Lucky Dice) and Dai Siu (Big-Small). This game means a pair of dice, although played with three dice. Sic Bo’s guidelines are easy to understand and the aim is to wager on the outcome of the three dice roll. In Sic Bo, the house edge varies from 2.78% to 18.98%, which is relatively high compared to other casino games. It is a game of chance with no skills involved, and the winning chances are based on the mathematical probability of rolling combinations of dice. This game does not provide predictability to the outcome of the dice position. Even if you bet on the outcome, there is no guarantee that the dice will roll in your favor for good payout chances.

Dragon Tiger

Dragon Tiger is a simple and easy game to play. The game’s aim is to decide which side of the table has either the highest card (Dragon or Tiger) or draw/ tie. To decide the outcome of the game, two cards are drawn per game round. Therefore, there is no clear way to define a strategy for Dragon Tiger. Possibly, checking which bets have the lowest house advantage is the best strategy. The dragon and tiger bets have the lowest house edge of 3.73% compared to the tie bet of 14%. Hence, avoid tie bets at all times.


All kinds of table games have the greatest odds in the casinos. Please note that. Also, try all our above-mentioned games on JeetWin. Experience the excitement and thrill of playing these games as you already know your odds of winning. But first, sign up here to access these games!

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