What Casino Games that has the Worst Odds?

worst odds casino games

Some casino games do a great job of keeping things interesting. But players who want to make a little bit of money should avoid them because the house has such a big edge. If all you want is a fun gambling experience. These games are great, but if you want something more. You should avoid playing them.

People like to play games with the worst odds casino games because they often give them a chance to win large amounts of money. In keno, your chances of winning the main jackpot are about the same as winning a state lottery. Even though the main prize could be worth a lot of money. Here is a list of the games where the worst odds casino games are for the players.


Yes, this is the bet that most casinos consider to be the worst. The house usually has an advantage of about 25%. That is better than the worst odds casino games offered by state lotteries but still not very good. Even so, the game moves slowly. If you only make one bet each round, you won’t lose too much money.

This is a bet on the next roll, and you are betting that it will be a seven. The huge margin that the house has is 16.67 percent. If you make this bet after every roll, even if you only risk one dollar each, you could lose about twenty dollars in an hour.

Slot Machines with a Jackpot:

Even though the jackpots on progressive games can reach millions of dollars. They are always the machines that make the least money in worst-odds casino games. This is true no matter how big or small the bet is. The casino could have an advantage of anywhere from 12 to 17 percent. In the long run, you lose anywhere from $12 to $17 for every $100 you bet. People tend to play these games very quickly, making a difficult situation even worse. How much can a gambler who puts $1 into a slot machine linked to a progressive at other casinos lose? On average, up to more than $400 an hour. Yikes!

Tie Bet at Baccarat:

About 14% of the time, the house wins when you make this bet. On the other hand, mini-baccarat is played much more quickly than regular baccarat, which is played in the high-stakes rooms of casinos. Baccarat has always been played more slowly. In both games, this bet is a bad choice.

Craps: 2 and 12 (Craps):

For Snake Eyes (2) and Boxcars (12), the house has a 13.89% edge. These are one-roll bets that a naive and foolish craps player should make. “You have to be an idiot to bet the horn,” is how the real saying goes, but most people call it “the horn.”

Whirl or World (Craps):

This is a one-roll bet on multiple numbers (2, 3, 7, 11, or 12), and the house has a 13.33 percent edge on this type of play. Don’t put yourself in this situation. Another bet on more than one number on one roll has the numbers two, three, eleven, and twelve, and the house edge is 12.5%. “If you see a horn, you should bet a horn,” says an old saying. 

Three and Eleven, Hard Four and Hard Ten, and Any Craps (Craps):

Even worse, the house has an edge of 11.11 percent on all of these bets, including the 11. Putting one of these bets on every roll would cost you $11.11 for every $100 you bet, so you shouldn’t do it.

Slot Machines with a Bet of Five Cents:

Most people play low denomination, non-progressive slot machines quickly, which means their losses add up quickly and contribute to the high house edge of these machines (about 10 to 12 percent).

Levels 6 and 8 of difficulty (Craps):

Even though house edges are no longer in the double digits, these two bets still give the house a 9.09 percent edge, which makes them some of the worst in the game. Some help comes from the fact that they don’t take part in every role.


It’s usually interesting to see which casino has the worst odds casino games. It is also important to remember that from a certain point of view. It doesn’t matter if the odds are good or bad. If the casino has any edge, no matter how small, it will be able to take all of your money in the end. You have to keep playing for long enough for them to catch up with you. If you want to get the most money back from your money, it’s important to know which bets have the best odds and which have the worst odds casino games. It tells you how to use your money to get the most fun inside the casino.

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