What Does a High Roller Mean In The Casinos?

High Roller

Nowadays, there are all kinds of gamblers in the world, as the 21st century is somewhat of a dream come true for the gambling community. The major reason for this is the emergence of online casinos. In the 20th century, people needed to visit brick-and-mortar casinos if they wanted to gamble. Nowadays, things have become much easier. Now, if you want to fulfill your gambling needs, you need to open your PC or mobile phone, browse an online casino, and start betting on your favorite game. However, the casino loves all types of players, but they roll out the red carpet and show special love to High Roller. It is because they have a much bigger bankroll than the average gambler.

In addition, they take incredibly high risks and place huge bets on the games. For instance, there are lots of low rollers out there that much prefer slowly stacking up plenty of small wins. On the other hand, the number of high rollers is also increasing dramatically due to some of the huge jackpots on offer at the moment. In this article, you will get the answer to this and many other questions about this term. However, it would help if you also were more careful because High Roller takes a lot of risks and can backfire.

If you have an intense interest in placing astronomical bets while gambling, then you are most likely a casino High Roller. However, placing the biggest bets to become a High Roller is not enough. But it would help if you won them too. It is where things get slightly more difficult because if you lose a bet, you will feel it.  Simply put, you can say that high rollers gamble with high stakes and are known as whales and cheetahs because they bet big. Therefore, casinos also lure them with incentives, bonuses, and extra credit. High rollers get VIP treatment and are frequently exempt from some house rules and regulations. 

Best Games to Play as a High Roller:

Some casino games suit high rollers more than other players. In addition, these tend to be the ones with the best odds. Blackjack is the most famous casino game that always refers to as having the smallest house edge. So, the high rollers will enjoy that tactics like blackjack counting can dramatically increase your chances of winning. However, the downside is that the prizes on offer during blackjack tend to be smaller than in other games. On the other hand, you have progressive jackpot slot machines, which have a smaller win rate, but the jackpots can be outrageous in size.

Special Perks that High Rollers Expect:

There are several rewards that high rollers get from casinos. First, a High Roller can negotiate for exactly what they want regarding comps. However, some gamblers want to come in style to Aston Martin rental. On the other hand, some may want the best blackjack rules the casino can give them. In addition, you are very unlikely to talk your way into getting the edge over gambling venues. You can at least ask for comps designed to your specific needs.

You can tell the casino you are coming when this room is available. Loss rebates are also one of the most popular perks for high rollers. Bigger rebates give you a percentage of your losses back up to a certain amount. For instance, you negotiate a deal to receive 10% of your losses back to $10,000. You lose $50,000 throughout a weekend then the casino gives you a check for $10,000. Exclusive freeroll tournaments are also a very special reward for a High Roller.

In addition, you will get invited to a special tournament of various casino games that includes other wealthy gamblers. These are not just any freerolls either, because they provide a big prize pool worth $20,000 or more. For example, assume it is you and 19 other players; you could expect $1000 in the theatrical value for such a tournament. In short, whales have the power of negotiation.

However, their situation is quite different from other average gamblers, who have a much smaller selection of benefits. Moreover, low-stakes gambling can specialize, their comps to add a bottler service at a nightclub instead of a free meal. In addition, they won’t ask for free top-shelf liquor and lost rebates if they ate not give the casino enough action.


Becoming a gambling High Roller is not a cheap pursuit. Of course, you must bet quite a bit to impress a casino and get the most-lavish rewards. It is naturally due to a huge increase in gamblers across the board. However, something also intensifies the differences in how people like to bet. 

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