What is a Come Bet and Don’t Come Bet in Craps?


Craps is a fan favorite when it comes to the game of poker. As the rules are pretty simple both new players and veterans enjoy this game. In fact, Craps is one of the games that tend to attract new players into the gambling world most times. One of the easiest ways to start this game if you are a new player is, to begin with, come and don’t come bets. The rules are ridiculously simple and hence easier to master. Especially if you start your journey with online Craps. This is why, today, we are going to discuss what come and don’t come bets are in the game of Craps. We are also going to suggest some simple strategies that you should try out in this game. So, please go through the whole piece to learn more.

Come bets in Craps

Basically, a come bet in the game of Craps is a bet that predicts whether the point will roll out again. Once the first roll is done, players wager on the come out of the same number. For example, after the first roll-out, the point turns out to be a six. So players wager a come bet that a six will be rolled out again. Now, if it indeed rolls out before other numbers, your wager pays out. You need to remember that the opening number has a higher chance of turning out to be the point number. In fact, as high as 66%. This is a lot more than other losing numbers. So remember this and you can almost set for the wager.

Does the Come Bet Cover a Come out?

This is something a lot of new players get confused with. The answer is this bet in fact covers a come out as well. When the opening roll turns out to be a 7 or 11, then a come bet covers your payout as well. Although, the chances are a little on the slimmer side. As in, it has chances of about 22% of turning out in a come out. The house edge is also quite low at 1.46%.

What Are the Chances of Losing to Craps?

The come bet mostly loses during two scenarios. One of them is if the opening roll turns out to be a two, three, or twelve. In this scenario, your wager is lost from the get-go. The second is if the come out is 7 once the point is determined. The chance of rolling a 7 is about one in six after determining a point, so the risk is a little less here.

Don’t Come Bet in Craps

As the name entails, a don’t come bet is the exact opposite of a come bet. Meaning, that it wins on one, two, three, and twelve for come out rolls. However, it loses if the point arrives before a seven can. At first, it seems that these bets have worse odds in the game. However, the odds increase after establishing the first come out. You need to get a 7 before the point to win in this bet. 

Strategy for Come Bets

Like we said, come bets are a great way for new players to initiate themselves into the game. As the rules are simple, they can start with this before learning other rules to acquaint themselves with the game. Especially for free online forums, this is a good way to start. Veterans, however, tend to use this wager as a stepping stone for their odds wager. In this case, they can multiply their total come out from both.

Strategy for Don’t Come Bets

Although the don’t come bets initially have weaker odds, the payouts are quite high. And the odds increase after the first come out. In this case, strategies like the Martingale or similar ones where you can double the amount of your bet whenever you lose are a great way to go for a bigger payout. The best thing about this bet is that it has a high return rate while the house edge is pretty low. In fact, it is lesser than most others at 1.36%. 


Don’t come bets require a little more advanced strategies than the come bets. However, in both cases, you can use them to multiply your odds and wager for a bigger payout. Remember to start simple and acquaint yourself with the game first before jumping into advanced strategies. Understand multipliers and practice hard and you will master it in no time at all.

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