What Is An Action Reverse Bet And How Does It Work?

What Is An Action Reverse Bet And How Does It Work?

Gambling is a game as old as time itself. However, like everything in existence, its evolution never stops. From modifying old games to introducing new ones it has come a long way. Not to mention the recent adaptation of online gambling as well as esports betting. Although a majority of people were quite wary of it in the beginning, they are now coming over to this side. Now, with constant modifications also come new rules as well as new bets. This is actually very exciting as this way, you get a lot more options to choose from. There is basically a bet for everyone. 

Such a bet that has recently come into notice a lot is the action reverse bet. These bets are related to the “If bets”. In “if bets” all of your bets are linked with each other. For example, if you win your first wager, only then can you place the second bet. If you win the second one, then the third will get placed, and so on. Now, in actions reverse bets, this condition still stands. However, you also place secondary bets that work in reverse order. Interesting, right? This is why here we are going to explain in detail what the action reverse bets are and how they work. Make sure to read the whole article to learn more about it.

What are action reverse bets?

It is evident from the name that reverse bets basically work in reverse order. This way, you place two wagers. One, that works like a normal if bet. Where your next bet depends on you winning the first one. And the second one, which works in reverse order. Where if your third bet gets a win, you are eligible for your second one. If you win your second one, then you can move to your first bet. So, two types of wagers are in place. And obviously, more wagers equal to more winnings if you play it smart.

How do they work?

Let’s say that you want to place bets on a game on Saturday. You choose three consecutive games to place your bets on. Suppose you place a $50 wager on the New England Patriots that will earn you $83.33. After that, you bet on the Baltimore Ravens $80 to win about $146.67. And at last, you wager on the Chicago Bears for $50 that can get you about $200. Now as if bets work, you can get about $300 from the accumulation of these bets. So basically, once your bet on the Patriots wins, your second bet is clear for activation. Then once the Ravens win, your bet on the Bears activates. Now, here you will need for the Bears to win for the entire winnings of the if bet to get into your account. 

When you place an action reverse bet, the secondary bets start activating after your Bears bet is clear. You should try to place the same amounts of bets on this round as well. Because this way even if one tank, you will not lose some extra amount of money. 

So, after the first round of bets, your secondary $50 at the Bears win. Here you start at +300, which after winning, returns to $200. Then the next one at the Ravens activates at -120, where you win about $146.67. And at last, the third and final one at the Patriots activates at about -150, where you will be winning about $83.33. You also about $300 from this round as well. 

Are they worth it?

There is one thing you should always keep in mind. All of these bets are directly related to the one before them. So if any of your bets lose, you lose both ways. This is why you have to be extra careful when placing wagers in this format. Especially so with the middle bet, as that is the one that ties your bet both ways. 

Now, we use parlays to tie bets together in hopes of a bigger payout. That is not the case in this format. This is basically tying your regular wagers together just for the sake of it. This is why it might not be everyone’s cup of tea. However, the ones who like to take chances just for the thrill should definitely try this one out.


You should always do your research, strategize carefully and then make an educated bet. It can turn out to be a huge problem otherwise. If you play smart, you will always turn out to be the winner even when you play less. So keep these things in mind, and enjoy your favorite game to the max.

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