What Is An Online Casino Loyalty Program?

What Is An Online Casino Loyalty Program?

Gambling has been around since the time of the ancient civilizations, with betting on sports events taking place. Modern style casinos, on the other hand, developed in the 1600s. Since then, casinos have had a meteoric rise in popularity. Online casinos furthermore have emerged as an easily accessible alternative to traditional casinos. There are 2100+ land-based casinos and 2800+ online casinos worldwide. In order to beat the competition, many casinos offer loyalty programs or VIP programs.  

It is not mandatory for casinos to offer a loyalty program. However, many online casinos have loyalty programs so that they can build and retain a loyal customer base. There are various types of online casino loyalty programs available. The basic premise is that frequently gambling with the online casino will give you points. These points then accumulate and bring benefits. 

Online Casino Loyalty Program System

Most online casino loyalty programs function on the basis of a points system. One you register with an online casino and deposit cash you become eligible for the loyalty program. Typically, for every real money bet that you place, you receive points. These points are independent of whether or not you win your bet. So, even if you lose your bet, you still win points which is a great advantage.

Depending upon the particular online casino, different games and betting amounts will earn different points. Generally, the higher the betting amount, the higher the points. Complex games also tend to give higher points. Simple games, such as slots, bring minimal points. These loyalty points then lead to benefits for you. 

Often there will be a setup of tiers. By getting the minimum number of points you can qualify for each tier. A particular tier will come with multiple benefits. To qualify for the next tier, you would need more loyalty points. There may be additional requirements to maintain your position in a tier. For example, frequency of gambling or minimum number of bets. 

Perks of an Online Casino Loyalty Program

  • Exchange points into cash: Some online casinos will let you exchange loyalty points for direct cash credit. 
  • Bonuses: Extra bonuses are often available for loyalty program members. This can be anything from free bets to boosted odds. Other popular options are reload bonuses and bet specific bonuses.
  • Free spins: A welcome perk for fans of slots, are the free spins. Typically online casinos will award you free spins for meeting a loyalty program benchmark. For example, if you level up a tier, or maintain a tier for a month etc.
  • Faster Withdrawals: Everyone wants fast transactions. Speed is not always in the hands of the online casino, but they can offer improvements. As you rise in the loyalty program tiers, you can become eligible for speedy transactions, especially faster withdrawals. All transactions are still secure, only the processing is done on priority. 
  • Exclusive Support: Customer support is important for online casinos since you can run into any problem gambling online. However, sometimes they can get crowded or are not available around the clock. Loyalty program members get access to exclusive customer support for longer durations.

Other Perks

  • Account Manager:  At certain tier levels, you may be assigned a dedicated account manager. This manager will be there to personally guide you and help you with technical issues. Of course the account manager won’t be able to help with the actual betting. However, they can help in all other aspects of the online casino.
  • Prizes: Points can also directly bring you prizes. Online casinos at times will have a special prize shop for loyalty program members. Here, you can exchange your points for prizes and even experiences. For example, a smartphone or smartwatch, or a trip to Las Vegas. 
  • Lucky draw: Sufficient loyalty points may make you eligible for any lucky draws an online casino hosts. Although the prizes may be similar, in a lucky draw you won’t need to use your loyalty points.  
  • New games: Online casinos are regularly updating their betting offerings and game selections. Some online casinos enable loyalty program members to have first access to new games. This access is granted before the game is rolled out for all the general players.


If you are interested in gambling regularly, online casino loyalty programs can be greatly beneficial. You can get extra bonuses and perks simply for frequenting a particular online casino. When you register with an online casino, always consider their loyalty programs. Choose online casinos with loyalty programs that match your gambling interests.

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