What Math Can You Use While Sports Betting?

What‌ ‌Math‌ ‌Can‌ ‌You‌ ‌Use‌ ‌While‌ ‌Sports‌ ‌Betting?‌

Sports betting is surely one of the most exciting activities to take part in. However, unlike what some might say, it is not at all easy to become a successful bettor. It takes time, practice, and, surprisingly, math. One of the distinguishing factors between a failed bettor and a successful bettor could just be this; the use of math. If you apply math to your betting ventures, you might start seeing an improvement for yourself. However, this improvement relies on the correct use of math, which will bring out the most favourable results for you. 

Read on to find out how you can use math effectively in sports betting.  

Using Statistics to Your Advantage

One of the most reliable forms of data in sports betting is statistics. Accomplished bettors dedicate their time to create their statistical models based on the figures available. This helps in predicting the outcome of the game, a practice known as handicapping. If you are just starting, it might be difficult to separate between what is useful and what is not, in the wide range of statistical data available. But over time, you will be able to optimise this information to your advantage. 

Relying on the Underdog

As you might already know, an underdog in any sporting event is the one that is less likely to win. So you must be wondering, why should you rely on the underdog? The answer is simple, and it has to do with math. When you are betting on a favourite, you only win the bet when that team wins. However, when you place your bets on the underdog, you win even when they lose. This happens when the underdog loses by a lesser number of points than what is allotted to them. Hence, betting on the underdog means you have two ways of winning, instead of one.  

Understanding the Vigorish

Vigorish or Vig is the amount you have to pay the bookie for placing your bet. It would be in your best interest to understand the math behind vig and how much it will end up costing you. For example, in point spread bets, the chances of winning are 50%. But with each bet you place, you end up losing half the vig that you have paid to the bookie. In other kinds of bets, like moneyline bets, it is much more difficult to assess the vig. Nevertheless, you lose money. Hence, it is always the best option to choose betting options without vigs. 

The Power of Home Teams

It does not take the use of advanced mathematics to figure out that home teams are much more likely to win a game than away teams. This outcome is due to a variety of factors that work in favour of the home teams. Even though this information alone might not help you in getting an upper hand while betting, combining this with the fact that betting on underdogs has more chances of being profitable can surely maximise your success. While there is no guarantee that a home team who is the underdog will win every time, it is still a reliable way of gaining experience.

Building an Efficient Betting Model

Winning sports bets relies on numerous metrics and data. Those who are able to build an efficient betting model using such data, get ahead of those who don’t. The goal of building a betting model should be to make it more advanced than that of a bookie’s. A good betting model is one that is fed relevant and valuable statistics constantly to optimise its predictions. This means every available number and figure should be tried through the model to infer which one helps in winning you profit. Both maths and its constant variance depending on the sports season are important underlying functions of a betting model.


To conclude, the importance of math in sports betting is undeniable. For beginners and professionals alike, math is one of the sole factors worth relying on to improve their profits and chances of winning. If you are just starting out in the world of sports betting, all this information might confuse you. However, proper use of the various methods listed above will result in guaranteed improvement. It is also important to have patience and not give up easily. You might not be able to win bets right off the bat, but with the use of these reliable mathematical techniques, you can be sure to rise to the top.

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