Which one of these 7 Types of Gamblers are You?

Seven Different Types of Gamblers in the Casino

In gambling, there are various types of gamblers in the casinos. Apparently, they vary from each other based on habits, social, skills, attitude and other underlying factors. Therefore, gamblers are unique own their own because they differently behaved and thought. Despite the given diversity that gamblers have to possess and mentioned. There are familiar and similar patterns among gamblers that shouldn’t be looked away. And based on research, these are the seven types of gamblers in the casinos. In this article, we will discuss these further, therefore, let’s dig in.

1. Professional Gamblers

These are the people that make gambling a living. To conquer overwhelming odds, this type of gambler relies on calculative risks. Instead of acting on instincts alone, they check the game stats. The mindset of the professional gambler requires patience, intelligence, frustration tolerance and the ability to control emotions at times when the game does not do according to their expected outcomes. Therefore, a professional gambler is very rare and will never be addicted to the ways of gambling.

2. Social Gamblers

These are the kind of people that go to casinos for fun, socialization and entertainment purposes. They like to meet new people and catch up with some old mates in the casinos. Social gambler, therefore, is drawn to attend casino occasions and events for relaxation and distraction. Despite they spend moderate time and money in the casino, still they draw a limit in gambling.

3. Serious Social Gamblers

Their main source of fun and relaxation is gambling. Although a form of a stress reliever for them. To serious social gamblers, this is their main leisure activity. It never interferes with the player’s life responsibilities if controlled. Unfortunately, if spend too much time gambling to cope with stress it can cause severe gambling problems in the long run. Overall, if it does not take long to play in casinos, this type of gambler has till power over gambling activities.

4. Relief and Escape Gamblers

Gambling was used by this type of gambler as an escape from depression, anxiety, and other emotional stress. They seek out for gambling activities to fulfill emotional needs. These gamblers only play for consolation to escape from experiencing an emotional breakdown. Good thing is, they usually quit after facing emotional stability. Unfortunately, due to emotional turmoil, these types of players usually lose in casinos. Their poor decision-making because of too much emotional involvement often leads to significant losses.

5. Personality Gamblers

This type of gambler is very different from the rest of the previously discussed. The personality gambler is different because they behave unlawfully. Such gamblers, in any way, want to make a huge amount of money in the form of cheating, lying, stealing, and deceiving other players. These gamblers may misbehave to keep themselves on top of the game.

6. Conservative Gamblers

Typically, the conservative type of gambler visits casinos for the experience rather than hitting big wins. Actually, they play for the experience but they are very cautious in carefully picking the games and spending money in the casino. They ‘re far from being hooked to some form of gambling. They just enjoy some new destinations for visiting newly open casinos to add more flavor in their gambling experience.

7. Compulsive Gamblers

These gamblers have no control over their impulses for gambling. They prioritize gambling above other obligations in life be it personal or professional. Compulsive gambler tends to cover their debts through lying, stealing and deceiving people. Usually accompanied by other signs of addiction such as alcoholism. Compulsive gambling is an addiction that has underlying negative effects on the life of a gambler. The worst thing is that they are coming up against their moral standards.

Final Thoughts

Read this article and see if you’re one of the different types of gamblers we’ve written about here. Visit our blog for more updates and register to access the newest games. Head over to JeetWin today and play your chosen casino games!

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