Who are the Gods of Gambling in Different Cultures?

Who are the Gods of Gambling in Different Cultures?

Gambling has been a part of human society for the longest time. There are many instances of it in History. Most ancient cultures had some form of gambling or betting games. A lot of games of today are modern variations of these old games. But with gambling came the need for Gods that will look after the gamblers and provide them luck. You can find Gods of gambling in many ancient cultures across the globe. They differ in gender, temperament, and nature, but all of them have the same purpose of providing the bettors with luck. So let’s take a look at some of them.

Hermes: The Greek God of Gambling

The Ancient Greek civilization had an abundance of Gods and Goddesses of every kind. They have a God for literally everything. So it comes as no surprise that they had a God of Gambling. In Greek culture, the God of Gambling was Hermes. Hermes was associated with wealth, fertility, and luck. He was also very clever and mischievous. He was a playful God that stole things from other Gods just for fun. This trickster won the favor and praise of gamblers. Even though he was not very trustworthy, he was still the God of luck and gamblers loved him.

Laxmi: The Hindu Goddess of Gambling.

Hinduism has a lot of deities and surprisingly, a lot of them are Goddesses. So it comes as no surprise that the Hindu God of Gambling is a Goddess. Laxmi in Hinduism is the Goddess of wealth, prosperity, and luck. Unlike Hermes, she is very kind and helpful. But she is also very hard to please. She brings material satisfaction into a person’s life. The religious books say that people who impress her will have luck. This is why the Goddess of wealth is also the Goddess of gambling and luck.

Thoth: The Egyptian God of Gambling. 

The ancient Egyptian civilization is shrouded in mystery. And the more people unlock them the more interested we become. This polytheistic civilization also had many Gods that looked over many roles. Thoth was the God of learning, writing, and the Moon. But most importantly, he was an adviser to others. Unlike the previous Gods, who were either lucky or tactful, Thoth was the God of gambling simply because he liked to help people and guide them. He was very kind and thus worshipped by many ancient Egyptians and gamblers.

Kangiten: The Japanese God of Gambling. 

Japanese culture was filled with gambling activities of all kinds. Gambling was one of the ways people could achieve higher social status. So it is no wonder that they also had a God for gambling. Kangiten is the Japanese God of gambling. In fact, he was the God everyone that took a chance on life turned to. Be it actors, geishas, or gamblers. He had a temperament but he was the one anyone who was in the ‘business of pleasure’ turned to when in need.

Nohoilpi: The Navajo God of Gambling

One of the ancient Native American tribes, the Navajo has a deity they worship as the God of Gambling. His name is Nohoilpi. He is not only the God of gambling but also an excellent gambler himself. So excellent that he won numerous fortunes and even people in these games. This angered the other Gods and they gave a man special powers to defeat the arrogant God. In the end, Nohoilpi was defeated and stripped off of all his wealth. His story is a tale of caution for people who become too greedy while gambling. Addiction and arrogance lead us nowhere and we should be aware of this while gambling.


There are many other Gods and Goddesses that we could not include in this list. Like the Aztec God of gambling Macuilxochitl, the Roman Goddess of luck Fortuna, the Chinese God of Gambling Nezha, tbs voodoo God who is of gambling called Papa Legba, the Norse Goddess of games Lofn, and many more. Every ancient culture of the world has had some form of gambling or the other. Consequently, these people also created deities or asked them for help when they wanted to win. This is how the worship of Gods and Goddesses of gambling came about and is still abundant to this day.

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